Nutrigenomics: How Food Can Influence Disease Prevention and Treatment

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Nutrigenomics is a scientific study that looks at how the food you eat affects your genes and how your genes affect the way your body responds to food. It aims to understand the link between genetics and diet in an effort to uncover possible disease prevention and treatment.

How to Stop and Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

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Hair loss affects both men and women, with 80% of men and nearly half of women experiencing a significant reduction in hair during their lifetime, according to studies. For many, it begins with hair thinning that occurs well before middle age. However, with a few simple adjustments to your daily habits and some natural home remedies, you can prevent hair loss at any age.

The Big “F” Of Health: Fighting Fatigue With the Facts

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Fatigue is often indicating an underlying health condition and although it’s commonly associated with chronic tiredness and extreme exhaustion, fatigue can also produce dizziness, sore muscles and increased irritability, amongst many other uncomfortable symptoms. As such, if you’re experiencing fatigue, it’s important to find a remedy that addresses the root cause of the problem, instead of just the fatigue itself.

Cat Spraying No More Review: What’s the Solution? Does It Resort to Hurtful Methods?

Cat Spraying No More PDF

Cat’s spray can be difficult to resolve as it is a normal feline behavior and many of the stress triggers may be outside of your influence but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.

Cat Spraying No More is an online program designed to help cat owners learn how to permanently eliminate urine spraying by getting to the root cause of why your feline friend is spraying in the first place. It’s a comprehensive program that teaches you how to identify and remove the stress triggers causing your cat to spray. It comes with 100% natural solutions, techniques and methods, step-by-step instructions, easy-to-follow guides, diagrams, recipes, DIY tutorials, and so much more.

Save The Marriage System Review: Is it Worth Considering This Program? Does It Work?

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There are an abundance of reasons that may lead a couple to consider divorce. Some studies have found infidelity to be the most common factor, whereas other studies have found a lack of commitment or just basic incompatibility as the top reason.

Save The Marriage is an online program designed to help couples learn how to identify, overcome and repair their marital issues and re-spark the flame that brought them together in the first place. It’s a comprehensive program that provides you with professional coaching and advice from expert relationship and marriage expert, Dr. Lee H. Baucom. You also receive effective techniques and methods, activities, checklists and perspective for navigating through any issues you’re facing within your marriage.

The Thyroid Factor Review: Is it Good and Worth Getting?

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An underactive thyroid can cause a vast array of symptoms – from belly fat to brain fog, fatigue, low energy levels, unexplained weight gain, and so much more. Unfortunately, it’s a condition that often goes unnoticed and/or mistaken as something else. In fact, studies estimate that approximately 60% of the estimated 20 million Americans with an underactive thyroid have no idea.

The Thyroid Factor is an online program that serves as the ultimate nutritional blueprint for learning how to heal your thyroid and restore balance to promote optimal functioning once again. It’s a comprehensive system designed exclusively for women who have been diagnosed with a thyroid issue or who believe the symptoms they’re experiencing are being caused by a thyroid imbalance. It comes with three guides that complete with all of the information, steps, food lists, scientific evidence, practices, and so much more.

Ultimate Small Shop Review: Is This A Good Guide?

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The average cost to get started in woodwork is around $1500 – and that’s just for some basic tools, equipment and materials.

Ultimate Small Shop is an online program that teaches you how to create a fully stocked workshop in any space you have available and on a small budget, and without jeopardizing the quality of the materials, tools or your craft. It’s a comprehensive system that provides you with expert tips for sourcing supplies and tools, all kinds of workshop blueprints and layouts to choose from, step-by-step tutorials, placement guides, inventory lists and so much more.

The Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging Review: Is This Worth Getting?

Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging PDF

Eating a diet low in carbs and rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and unsaturated fats has been proven to have a beneficial effect on aging, according to new studies.

The Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging is an online program that teaches you all about the best, scientifically-proven youth-enhancing foods that can help you look and feel younger, while also protecting your skin, organs, muscles and joints to slow down aging. It’s a comprehensive guide that comes complete with an abundance of valuable information that teaches you everything you need to know to naturally fight off aging, along with food lists and meal plans that make it easy to implement your newfound knowledge.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review: Is It Worth Getting?

The Truth About Six Pack Abs PDF

Health and fitness experts recommend using the 80/20 rule when it comes to reshaping your body and seeing results. This means that 80% of your efforts should be focused on your diet and only 20% on exercise.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is the ultimate program for learning the best way to eat and train to effectively shed stubborn belly fat and build the flat, firm stomach you’ve always wanted. It’s a comprehensive step-by-step program that provides you with fact-based strategies for getting the results you want using a practical approach that involves nutrition, healthy eating and exercise. It comes infused with expert knowledge and advice, meal plan samples, food lists, exercise plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and so much more.