14-Day Rapid Soup Diet Review: Is it Safe? Side-Effects? Does it Work?

14-day rapid soup diet review

14-Day Rapid Soup Diet is a delicious two-week program that provides you with nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that remove toxins from your system to reactivate your body’s natural fat burning properties to boost your weight loss. The body has a variety of functions that can help or hinder your weight – from the way it stores fat to the things it burns for fuel. Unfortunately, when your body is jammed up with all of the toxins, preservatives and chemicals that are prominent in the Western world, many of these functions aren’t able to operate properly. As a result, fat starts to get stored and the number on the scale starts to increase.

The good news is that your system can be cleared out and that’s what the 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet teaches you how to do. It’s a natural program that gives you all of the recipes (and nutrition) needed to clear out your system and to start reprogramming it to burn fat for fuel to increase your weight loss. It’s a proven slimming system that tastes as good as it feels.

What is the 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet About?

A congested lymphatic system forces your body to burn carbs for energy instead of fat, which results in your body storing excess fat around your belly, hips, and thighs. But you can clear out your lymphatic system naturally to reboot your body’s fat-burning properties and that’s exactly what this program teaches you how to do.

14-Day Rapid Soup Diet teaches you a proven-slimming system that uses food and nutrition to clear toxins out of your system and re-activate your body’s natural fat-burning capabilities. It’s a fairly straightforward program that consists of following a 7-day meal plan two times for a total of 14 days. The recipes in the meal plan aim to get healthy protein, good fats and carbs from veggies into your diet to clear out your system and reprogramming it to burn fat for fuel to boost your weight loss and health as a whole. Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes are provided to you but you’ll only be eating soup for dinner. The recipes are also interchangeable, so you can find the ones you like best and stick with those for the 14 days. 

The 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet doesn’t require any strange supplements, exotic herbs, strict dieting, counting calories, or exercise. The power is in the nutrition, which comes from the recipes provided to you.  You’ll also find some quick guidelines to follow and extra tips well throughout the main guide and recipes to ensure an easy and delicious experience that gives you the results you’re looking for. 

All of this is put together in a main manual and quick start guide and you also receive a variety of additional guides, thyroid-boosting supplement and cookbooks, which you get for free. All of this is available to you online immediately after purchase and can be downloaded right onto your personal tech devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This makes it easy to access the guidelines and recipes anytime, anywhere. You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which allows you to try the regime out for two months entirely risk free. Although, the program has already been proven to be slimming. It’s designed to work for everyone as well, regardless of their age, gender, mobility, weight, etc. and with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

14-day rapid soup diet download page
Preview of the 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet’s download page.
This is how and where you will access the program’s materials.

Overview of the 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet Program

14-Day Rapid Soup Diet is a simple plan that teaches you a proven slimming program that uses healthy protein, good fats and carbs from veggies to reactivate and boost your body’s natural fat-burning properties. It comes with one main manual and a quick start guide that break down the process, recipe-by-recipe. You receive recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days, which get repeated one more time to total the full 14 days. These recipes come with appetizing photos, detailed descriptions and ingredient lists, and easy step-by-step instructions so you can whip them up in your kitchen and enjoy. You’ll also find some extra tips in the ‘notes’ section.

However, it’s important to mention that the breakfast and lunch recipes are not soups. Instead, they’re your typical bacon, egg and cheese sandwich (with a twist), fried chicken, omelets, and so on and so forth. The soups make up the dinner portion only.  Combine all of them into a meal plan for the next 14 days and you can lose up to 14 pounds in 14 days. 

Here is a more detailed look at what you can expect from this proven-to-slim system:  

Main Program

  • 14-Day Soup Challenge Guidelines
  • Approved Drinks for the Rapid Soup Diet
  • Breakfast Recipes
    • Cheese and Egg Waffles
    • Veggie Breakfast Casserole
    • Low-Carb Granola
    • Strawberry Coconut Cream Smoothie
  • Lunch Recipes
    • Giant Cobb Salad
    • Avocado Burger
    • Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich
    • Keto Turkey Plate 
  • Dinner Recipes
    • Low-Carb Philly Cheesesteak Soup
    • Cream of Cauliflower with Turmeric and Pepitas Soup
    • Broccoli Cheddar Soup
    • Hearty Mixed Vegetable Soup
    • Italian Beefy Tomato Soup

The main manual is where you will find the information needed to learn and start using the program. It starts off with some quick guidelines, beverage lists, and information. You then receive a 7-day meal plan complete with breakfast, lunch and dinner. You repeat this meal plan two times to cover the entire 14 days.

14-day rapid soup diet table of contents
The table of contents for 14 Day Rapid Soup Diet PDF.

Quick Start Guide

  • Step One: Read Over the Meal Plan
  • Step Two: Create Your Grocery List
  • Step Three: Follow the Program
  • Get Started

Just as the name suggests, the Quick Start Guide breaks down the most important information from the main manual and puts it into easy-to-follow steps, so you can get started right away. These steps teach you about meal timings, ingredients and tips for following the program. 

In addition to this, 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet also comes with a variety of free bonuses that can be used to accelerate and sustain your weight loss moving forward. These bonuses are:

Keto Soup Cookbook

You can never have too many delicious and nutritious recipes to try. This bonus cookbook provides you with keto-friendly (low carb) soups that are designed to help you feel fuller for longer, boost fat burning and flatten your stomach.

Weekend Soup Detox

This extra bonus guide provides you with an additional plan you can use to detox over the weekend to further clear out your system of any toxins disrupting your weight loss.

Immunity Boosting Soup Cookbook

Another great cookbook for delicious and nutritious soup recipes, only these ones use ingredients that can boost your immune system and make you healthier.

Keto Immunity Smoothies

Complement your soup recipes with these keto-friendly (low carb) smoothies that make it easy to get all the nutrients you need and flavor you want into your det. These smoothies are nutritionally-dense, so they can be used as a meal replacement, snack or dessert and only take minutes to prepare.

You can also claim a free bottle of the #1 thyroid-boosting formula supplement. 

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Helps you lose weight naturally by optimizing the body’s natural fat-burning capabilities by using key superfoods
  • Aims to suppress your appetite and cravings, improve hormonal function and supercharge metabolism while keeping your body filled with nourishment
  • Doesn’t promote any unhealthy or harmful ingredients
  • No exercise is required
  • Don’t restrict you or deprive you of your favourite foods
  • No extreme dieting
  • No extreme detox, strange supplements or exotic herbs
  • Anyone can use the program, no matter their gender, age or mobility
  • Recipes are interchangeable, so you can use the ones you like the best
  • Comes with free bonuses
  • Digital access makes it easy to use the program anytime and anywhere, whether it’s at the grocery store or in the kitchen
  • Backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of the Program

The only disadvantage that comes to mind is if you don’t like soup because, as you can see from the name, the 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet is largely based on eating soup. However, it comes with a variety of different options that cater to a vast array of taste buds and preferences and the program also includes several additional recipes that aren’t soup-related at all.


14-Day Rapid Soup Diet teaches you a simple regime that uses a proven slimming detox program that is designed to clear out the toxins in your body that are disrupting your weight loss, so your body can reprogram itself and start burning fat for fuel again. It’s an easy regime that consists of eating delicious, nutritious soups that are made with whole ingredients that have natural properties beneficial for weight loss. But it isn’t just about soup either, as it comes with all kinds of recipes, smoothies, fat burning tips and much more to help you achieve your weight loss goals naturally. It’s 100% natural and backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out and see what you think, risk-free for two months.

download 14-day rapid soup diet pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the method safe?

One of the great things about using a 14-day soup regime to clear your system of the junk hindering your body’s natural fat-burning properties is that it is a 100% natural program that consists of high-quality whole ingredients and nutrition. You aren’t taking any strange supplements or exotic herbs, so it should be safe for anyone to use. However, if you do have any underlying health conditions, allergies or are on medication, you may wish to speak with your doctor prior to getting started just to make sure this aligns with your current treatment plan.

Is there a store that I can find the program in?

The 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet is entirely digital and sold exclusively on the official website so you won’t be able to find it in physical store location. Instead, you download the material right onto your personal tech devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer for quick and convenient access anytime, anywhere. You also don’t have to wait or pay for shipping. Additionally, you receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which gives you two months to check the program out and see what you think.

Will I be required to do any type of exercising?

No. The program focuses solely on using diet and nutrition to achieve your weight loss goals. While exercise is always recommended for optimal health, it isn’t a requirement for this program.

Does this program require a strange detox or any supplements?

Not at all. The program focuses strictly on using proper nutrition. There is no mention of any strict dieting, detoxing or anything of the sort.

How easy is it to get the ingredients for the recipes?

The ingredients are all common items, such as butter, eggs, chicken, bacon, cheese, and so on and so forth, that can easily be found at your local grocery store or online places, like Amazon. The recipes are interchangeable as well, so you can focus on the ones that you like best.  

Are there any discounts available?

No official discounts have been released for the program. However, if the author was to release a discount in the future, it would be announced on the official website.


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