Language of Desire Review: Does this Controversial Program Work?

language of desire review

Language of Desire is the ultimate program for any woman who wants to gain all the knowledge and techniques needed for becoming a strong, confident, sexy woman that knows how to get exactly what she wants from any man she desires – in and out of the bedroom. Researchers have confirmed that there are four hormones that get released when someone experiences attraction: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen/oxytocin systems.

With Language of Desire, you learn everything there is to know about breaking down barriers holding you back so you can confidently use the different methods provided to trigger the release of these hormones in any man you want. It gives you all of the power, so you can take full control of your romantic and sexual experiences.

What is Language of Desire About?

Getting exactly what you want comes down to science. Language of Desire is an online program designed to give women all of the knowledge, secrets and techniques for making any man completely obsessed with them. It’s a comprehensive program that is highly based on the science of chemistry and attraction, which comes down to the release of four main hormones: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen/oxytocin systems. With Language of Desire, you learn powerful methods that trigger the release of these hormones in any man you want. The program also comes with a plethora of professional advice and coaching that allows you to become the sexy, confident woman that knows exactly what makes a man tick. It covers every topic when it comes to understanding how men work, what makes them crave a woman, and how to use it to your advantage. It’s all put together for you in a 10-module system that comes with all of the advice, steps, examples, scenarios, templates and methods needed, which can be downloaded as a PDF eBook or as audio files so you can listen on-the-go. This also allows you to access the program anytime you need it, which is particularly helpful in the heat of the moment. Here’s a sneak peek at what each module covers: 

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Become a Sexual Superwoman
  • Module 3: Loving Man’s Best Friend (Hint: It’s Not His Dog)
  • Module 4: Brain Chemistry and Sex
  • Module 5: Create an Erotic Action Movie
  • Module 6: Desire Intensifiers
  • Module 7: For The Single Ladies
  • Module 8: Getting Your Fantasies Met
  • Module 9: When “Sex” Isn’t Possible
  • Module 10: Master Class

The program also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try it out for two months and see how it transforms your life.  

language of desire download page
A look at the “Language of Desire” download page.
This is how you will access the program’s materials.

Who Created the Language of Desire Program?

Felicity Keith is the author of Language of Desire. She is a highly-respected writer who began to specialize in relationships and romance after experiencing her own relationship woes. This led her to diving deep into the subject, reading every book, article, and blog she could get her hands on, and even seeking professional advice from a sex therapist. Everything she learned is what she provides in her program. 

Overview of the Language of Desire Program

Language of Desire is the ultimate program for learning how to bring out your inner sexy, confident side to get whatever you want from the man you desire – in and outside of the bedroom. The program is broken down into 10 modules, with each focusing on a specific category of skills, knowledge or techniques that allow you to activate the law of attraction. Each module ends with a quick recap and a worksheet that allows you to test and track your knowledge as you go.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from each module, here’s a more detailed look: 

Module 1: Introduction

Just as the title suggests, this module gives you a quick introduction to the program and how to get the most out of the incredible information and techniques you’re about to learn. For example, you learn the foundation behind the approach and how to navigate through the site, and also receive extra tips for becoming your best self by doing things, such as working through limiting beliefs.

Module 2: Become a Sexual Superwoman

  • Learn how to dump your fear of the “slut” label
  • Determine your sexual boundaries
  • Discover your growl-inducing Madonna Moan

This module gives you all of the beginning steps to becoming the sexual superwoman you desire to be. It comes with all kinds of information and techniques that will help you discover what turns you on, how to set boundaries, how to start sexting (the right way) and much more.   

Module 3: Loving Man’s Best Friend (Hint: It’s Not His Dog)

  • Understand the secrets of his sex drive
  • Learn why his penis is so important to him
  • Rethink pornography (this one is controversial!)
  • Learn the Porn Destroyer

This module gives you the inside scoop on men so you know exactly how the male mind works with regards to relationships, their body, their penises, porn, myths, fears, you name it.

Module 4: Brain Chemistry and Sex

  • Explore how desire and sex work with our primitive mind
  • Using the potent cuddle hormone technique
  • Have fun with Pavlov’s Erection technique
  • Learn the power of Sexual Singularity

This module gives you the knowledge needed to understand the inner workings of a man, on a deeper level. It’s highly based on how the male brain works and the different hormones that get released when men feel a certain way. You’re provided with techniques to keep those chemicals going to activate the science behind sex and chemistry.  

Module 5: Erotic Action Movie Technique

  • Make him the star of your own sexy movie script
  • Writing your script step by step
  • Learn a variety of ways to share your movie with him

This module isn’t about pulling a Kardashian moment, but it is about channeling your inner confident sex kitten that knows how to get the role they want every time. It teaches you how to tap in and trigger all of the things that light the desire meter on fire by feeding into the ‘hero’ instinct every man has.

Module 6: Desire Intensifiers

  • Masterfully crank up the sexual heat
  • Make him pant with desire with the tease intensifier
  • Learn a blow job to blow his mind with the oral intensifier
  • Snap “him” to attention with Verbal Viagra

This module teaches you simple things you can do to instantly turn up the heat and intensifying the moment. It aims to give you the knowledge needed to channel your sexiest side and bring out all the moves that will leave him satisfied and craving for more. 

Module 7: Upgrade Your Relationship Status

  • Use dirty talk effectively when dating
  • Get him to commit with the Monogamous Male Maximizer
  • How to go from Friend-Zone to Fantasy Girl

When it comes to taking the relationship to the next level, this module has you covered. It provides you with all kinds of professional coaching, advice and techniques that will get him excited about committing to you. Whether you want to go from f-friend to a relationship or from friend zone to monogamy, this guide is all about determining what you want and then going after it.  

Module 8: Getting Your Fantasies Met

  • Planting desire seeds
  • Have dirty fun with The Lust Mirror technique
  • Practically read his mind using erotic telepathy
  • Make him your hero with the romance rotator
  • Explore your kinky side with 50 shades of experimenting

In this module, you learn how to steer your guy towards meeting all of your wildest (or not so wild) fantasies. It teaches you how to send direct yet subtly messages that get him excited to do all of the things you desire – sexually and romantically. It’s 50 shades of fun in this module.

Module 9: When “Sex” Isn’t Possible

  • Getting around life’s sexual obstacle course
  • Learn how to be dirty from a distance
  • Use the no touch lay to keep things hot
  • Learn about the invisible chastity belt (it’s more fun than it sounds)

This module teaches you how to create that intense passion and seduction when sex isn’t possible. Whatever your circumstances are, whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, experiencing medical issues or wanting to hold off, these techniques allow you to turn up the heat without the sex.

Module 10: Dirty Talk Mastery

  • What if he’s a cold fish
  • Overcome objections
  • Fine-tune your technique
  • Plan out your dirty deeds

In the last and final module, you learn a variety of techniques that can help you overcome any challenges you may face when implementing some dirty talk. It aims to give you all of the knowledge and guidance needed to bring out your most confident side. For example, you learn how to fine tune your technique to master dirty talk and seduction, what to do if he’s not receptive and so much more. There are some questions in this section that you go through to figure out what’s going on if you’re stuck or unsure.

A preview of the guide and what it looks like.

You also receive three bonuses for absolutely free just by signing up for this program: Silent Seduction guide, Unstoppable Confidence with Michael Griswall and a Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty.

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Scientifically-based
  • Empowering approach that aims to give women the power, strength, knowledge, confidence, courage and ultimately, the advantage when dating
  • Designed to work on any man, as it comes down to a science
  • Can be used by any women, regardless of their current relationship status
  • Comes with detailed steps, descriptions, templates and example scenarios for an easy, stress-free experience
  • Teaches you a vast array of expert dating techniques
  • Digital version allows you to download the program right onto your tech devices for access anytime
  • Can be downloaded as a PDF eBook or in audio format
  • Comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of the Program

A key benefit of using Language of Desire is that the entire system is digital, which means you receive immediate access right on your tech devices. This also allows you to use the program anytime, regardless of your location. However, it also means that a physical package doesn’t get shipped out to you. So, if you want a printed copy of the system, you’ll have to print it off at home or your local print shop. Otherwise, everything gets stored right on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


Language of Desire is the ultimate program for revealing what’s actually going on in a man’s mind, so you can understand what makes them tick and have the upper hand when it comes to the dating game. It’s a comprehensive system that is highly based on the law of attraction, a philosophy suggesting that your thoughts create your reality and the things you spend most of your time thinking about is what comes back to you. It also comes with an abundance of expert dating advice, techniques, worksheets, chapter recaps, example scenarios, templates and much more. The program has been designed exclusively for women and can be used by any female and on any man, no matter their relationship status. It even comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try it out entirely risk-free and see how it transforms your love life.

download language of desire pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a store that I can find the program in?

The program is entirely digital, so you won’t be able to find it in a bookstore or something similar. Instead, it’s sold exclusively on the official website and gets downloaded as a digital guide onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. If you would like a physical hardcopy though, you can print off the guide to have your own personal copy.

Does the author provide any one-on-one coaching or advice?

Yes. Members of the program can reach out to Felicity and her team if they have any questions or require additional advice or guidance.

How will I know if I am using the techniques properly?

One of the great things about Language of Desire is how detailed it is, so that people can learn and use the information with ease. For example, you’re provided with step-by-step instructions for all of the techniques, as well as real life scenarios and examples on when and how to use them. Each section ends with a worksheet and a quick recap, which you can use to test your knowledge and see how much of the information you retained and go back as needed.

Will I need to be connected to the internet to use the program?

No. Once you have purchased and downloaded the program onto your tech devices, you can use them anytime, anywhere and without the internet. This download can be done as a PDF eBook format or as an audio file.

Are there any discounts available?

The author has not released any official discount codes for the program as of yet. However, if this were to change in the future it would be announced on the official website so you can keep an eye out for it there.


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