His Secret Obsession Review: Do the Techniques Work? Let’s Find Out!

His Secret Obsession is the ultimate guide for understanding the male psyche, allowing you to attract any man you desire and yes, even get them excited about commitment and monogamy. Created by a professional dating coach and psychologist, this program teaches you how understanding the male psyche can be your secret weapon to approaching every situation (and any man) with confidence.

His Secret Obsession sets you up with all the knowledge needed to trigger the desired response you want from your desired man, whether it’s commitment, monogamy, more passion, or anything else. And it all comes down to the science of psychology.

His Secret Obsession Review

What is His Secret Obsession Program About?

If you’ve had no luck with dating websites, swiped through countless matches, or hit a rough patch in your relationship, it’s time for a new approach. His Secret Obsession is a comprehensive online program designed exclusively for women looking for expert dating and relationship advice. Created by a professional dating and relationship coach and psychologist, this program aims to bridge the gap between men and women’s desires by tapping into the male psyche.

His Secret Obsession sets you up you with the knowledge needed to understand how men think and what gets them excited about monogamous relationships. It then provides you with expert techniques and coaching to help you implement what you’ve learned and achieve your desired outcomes with any man you want. It all comes down to activating the right triggers to get the responses you want.

It’s a science!

His Secret Obsession is based on male psychology. The techniques can be effective for all men and can be used by any woman. The helpful tips and guidance included make sure that you know exactly what to do in every situation with confidence. This includes step-by-step instructions, detailed explanations on when and how to apply the techniques, example scenarios, templates, and more.

And the process is simple, consisting of two parts:

  • Part One: Understanding the Hero Instinct
  • Part Two: Using the Signals

These two parts come with 17 modules available in video, PDF eBooks, and audio formats. You can access the program online or download the materials for convenient use on your electronic devices. The program also offers a risk-free 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, giving you plenty of time to see how changing up your approach (and understanding of men) can transform your love life.

his secret obsession download page preview
A preview of the program’s download page.
This is how and where you will access the materials.

Who Created The Program?

James Bauer is a trained psychologist and professional relationship coach with more than 12 years of experience under his belt. He has successfully helped countless men and women achieve their relationship and love life goals using his unique, psychology-based approach that has made him a leading coach in the field.

Overview of The Program

His Secret Obsession is the ultimate guide to gaining a deeper understanding of men, enabling women to overcome obstacles and achieve their desires with any man they choose. The program is divided into two parts, both of which are deeply rooted in understanding the male psyche:

  • Part One: How the Hero Instinct Works
  • Part Two: How to Use the Signals

The first part provides all the knowledge, offering key information about the program and its approach, the techniques, and of course, the male psychology. In the second part, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for various techniques, allowing you to effortlessly apply your newfound knowledge.

In total, there are 17 modules, each covering specific topics and techniques and providing you with expert dating advice, coaching, detailed instructions, guidance, templates, examples, scenarios, scoring sheets, and more. Each module also concludes with a concise recap of the key takeaways, so you can easily refresh your skills as you head onto the next.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the two parts:

Part One: How the Hero Instinct Works

  • Module 1: The Secret Longing of Every Man
  • Module 2: The Unspoken Desire He’ll Never Admit
  • Module 3: Make Him See the Light
  • Module 4: The Fascination Trigger
  • Module 5: Why Men Say, “I’m just not ready”
  • Module 6: How your Desire Can Fascinate Him
  • Module 7: The Secret Current of Happy Relationships
  • Module 8: Rocket Fuel: How to Build Relationship Momentum Fast
  • Module 9: How to Become His Secret Obsession
  • Module 10: Get Deeper Intimacy by Revealing More
  • Module 11: Three Things that Can Go Wrong (and how to fix them)

The first part of the program gives you all the information needed to learn the program, its inner workings, and why it’s so effective on every man. The focus within these 11 modules in largely based on the concept of the hero instinct, which is a man’s innate desire to be seen as a hero in some way. As such, these modules act as a window into the world of men, helping you better understand their thoughts and emotions to bridge the gap between your desires and theirs. You also receive valuable dating tips and relationship advice, like how to spot hidden patterns, how men react to the triggers you send, and practical tips for achieving success in your relationships and fostering deeper intimacy.

Part Two: How to Use the Signals

  • Module 12: The Private Island Signal
  • Module 13: The X-Ray Question
  • Module 14: The Glimpse Phrase
  • Module 15: The Secret Currency of Happy Relationships
  • Module 16: The I Owe You Signal
  • Module 17: The Damsel in Distress Signal

This section consists of six modules, each offering specific techniques and examples to help you effectively implement what you’ve learned in real-life situations. It comes with all kinds of methods to choose from, complete with templates and examples of real-life scenarios, so you can put these strategies into action with confidence.

His Secret Obsession Table of Contents
The table of contents for the PDF.

7-Day Workbook is a quick reference guide to all of the techniques that you learn in the main manual. It allows you to access the techniques quickly and provides you with easy, point-form tips and tricks that can be used right away, making it a great reference for those last-minute moments when you need answers or techniques fast! You also receive a scoring system that allows you to see how well you’re doing, example of how to use the techniques, and so much more.

Free Bonuses

You also receive some extra bonuses for absolutely free: 

  • Free Bonus #1: Why Men Shut Women Out
  • Free Bonus #2: The 3 A’s of Effortless Attraction
  • Free Bonus #3: Uncover His Deepest Desires with Easy “Relationship Detective” Methods
  • Free Bonus #4: Hero Instinct Case Study #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Created by a psychologist and professional dating and relationship coach.
  • Exclusively designed for women.
  • Covers various topics and techniques for different scenarios.
  • Includes example scenarios, worksheets, and detailed steps.
  • Based on psychology and understanding the male psyche.
  • Enables a deeper understanding of men for desired responses.
  • Uses ethical and non-manipulative methods.
  • Suitable for all women, regardless of relationship status.
  • Works on any man (it’s science).
  • Offers digital access for discreet use anywhere
  • Available in PDFs, audio files, and videos
  • Backed by a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of the Program

His Secret Obsession is digital. There’s no physical hardcopy shipped to you, which also means no shipping fees and no need to carry around 17 manuals. If you prefer a printed version, you can also download and print the materials off yourself.

Otherwise, you can easily download it onto your personal devices for discreet access anywhere and anytime.


His Secret Obsession is ultimate guide designed for women who are ready to take control of their love life and get exactly what they want from any man they desire. The program aims to give women a deeper understanding of men, so they can trigger the response they want from them. The program covers an extensive range of topics and techniques, all wrapped into 17 easy-to-follow modules, giving women the tools and knowledge needed to transform their love life. Whether single and looking for love or struggling within their current relationship, this program puts the power back in the woman’s hands, setting them up for more passion, romance and successful relationships.  It even includes a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, giving a risk-free two-month trial period. So ladies, seize the opportunity to enhance your understanding of men and take control of your love life with the professional relationship coaching and techniques provided in this program. You won’t regret it.

Download His Secret Obsession PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a hardcopy online or in-store?

It’s important to know that the program is exclusively digital, so you won’t find a printed version in stores or on Amazon. This means you can dive right into the program as soon as you make your purchase, using your own electronic devices. However, if you prefer having a physical copy, you do have the option to print out any of the materials for your convenience.

Is personal one-on-one coaching available with the author?

The program offers access to an exclusive member-only forum, where you can connect with other members and share your experiences, offer advice, and discuss any concerns you may have. The author and his team are active participants in these forums, regularly providing direct advice. Additionally, you can submit a support ticket for further help and guidance.

Is there a discount code?

The author has not released any additional discount codes but if he were to do so in the future, it would be announced on the website. So, keep an eye out.

How do I access the program once I’ve purchased? Do I need the internet?

Once you’ve made your purchase, you can access the program online by logging in with your username and password. To access it initially, an internet connection is required. However, you also have the option to download the material onto your personal devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. This allows you to use the program at your convenience, anywhere and without the need for an internet connection.

Is the author a professional coach?

Not only is the author a professional dating and relationship coach, he is also a psychologist with a deep understanding of the male psyche. James Bauer is also well known throughout the industry, and is also the author of other successful programs such as “What Men Secretly Want” and “Relationship Rewrite Method”.


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