Solar Safe Review: Does This DIY Solar Guide Really Work?

Solar Safe PDF

Having your own solar energy generator can provide crucial backup power during emergencies or blackouts. Plus, it can save you a ton of money on your electricity bill.

Solar Safe is an online program that guides you through setting up your very own off-grid solar energy system, on a budget. It’s a comprehensive system that comes with a written manual and video tutorials that cover the installation and operation of solar systems, from start to finish. No prior and experience is needed, as the program includes detailed safety and protection protocols along with a user-friendly process. It includes tool lists and diagrams, photos, an abundance of extra content and much more.

The Lost Super Foods Review: Is it Good or Useful? Let’s Find Out!

the lost super foods pdf

Without food, the body can survive for about 30 days as long as you have water. However, it will be a long, painful and hangry 30 days that you certainly want to avoid if possible.

The Lost Super Foods is an online program that teaches you essential survival skills and recipes for emergencies where food becomes scarce or is difficult to get. It offers over 126 survival foods and techniques, including steps for food preservation and extending the shelf life of canned goods. The program also includes survivalist recipes, food lists, and so much more.

Home Doctor Review: Investigating the Guide’s Contents If it Works

Home Doctor PDF

A visit to the doctor can range from $100 to $200, while specialists start at around $250 per visit. Add on ambulance services, medications, and hospital stays and the price can significantly increase, with a day in the hospital costing about $2,607. But many things can be effectively treated at home.

Home Doctor is an online program that helps you save money by learning how to treat various health conditions and concerns right at home. It provides comprehensive knowledge, effective remedies, self-care techniques, and exercises to address both physical and mental health issues, as well as emergencies.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies Review: Is it Safe and Effective?

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies PDF

Over the years, countless studies have confirmed the health benefits of medicinal plants, showing they’re effective for treating a vast array of health issues from minor injuries like burns and bites to more serious conditions including depression, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is an online program that serves as your personal guide to using all kinds of medicinal plants to treat a variety of health concerns. This expansive 300-page guide is filled with knowledge on how to identify, harvest, and even grow your own healing garden. It’s packed with natural remedies, details on various plants, easy-to-follow instructions, and loads of tips for treating everything you can think of.

Air Fountain Review: Is the Device Real and Does it Actually Work?

Air Fountain PDF

Contrary to the popular belief that water is an infinite resource, studies show that by 2025, half the global population may face water scarcity, with 700 million people potentially displaced due to severe shortages by 2030.

Air Fountain is an online program designed to help combat water scarcity issues by teaching you how to create an affordable water generator for your home using condensation. This online guide comes complete with videos, guides, and comprehensive lists of materials and tools that explain every step of the process, ensuring anyone can learn how to produce up to 10 gallons of clean water daily, regardless of prior experience.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard Review: A Full Walkthrough of the Program

the self-sufficient backyard pdf

Self-sufficiency is all about being able to provide for yourself and your family without relying on outside help. Think about it – if you’re able to grow your own food, generate your own energy, and take care of your basic healthcare needs, you become less vulnerable to otherwise uncontrollable external disruptions.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard is an online program that provides you with expert advice, guides tutorials and over 100 DIY projects that aim to help you achieve self-sufficiency in food, energy, shelter, medicine, water, and composting. It’s a comprehensive system that can be used by anyone interested in gaining more independence by getting the most from their property – from beginners with no prior experience to expert survivalists.

Pocket Farm Review: Is It Worth Getting and Setting it Up?

Pocket Farm PDF

New research shows that aquaponics systems can produce eight times more food per acre in 1/6th of the space that is typically required by traditional agriculture.

Pocket Farm is an online program designed to help people create their own affordable aquaponics system to serve as their personal drought-proof, disaster-proof and recession-proof garden of fresh produce and tasty fish. It’s a comprehensive program that comes with a written guide and tutorial video, complete with step-by-step, valuable information perfect for newbies, photo guides, a quickstart guide and so much more.

Water Freedom System Review: Is the Device Practical and Does it Really Work?

Water Freedom System PDF

The water supply in the United States is decreasing, according to research. Experts say that
two of the largest reservoirs in America that provide water and electricity to millions are in danger of reaching ‘dead pool status’ as a result of the climate crisis and overconsumption of water.

Water Freedom System is an online program that teaches you a simple way to create a water generator that can produce up to 60 gallons of clean drinking water each day using a basic condensation principal. With this system, it comes with an abundance of information about water scarcity and the potential risks of a water shortage, a detailed tutorial with step-by-step instructions, extra survivalist skills, hacks, tips, and so much more.