End of Gout Review: Is it Effective? Does it Work?

The End of Gout is an online program that serves are your guide to freeing yourself from the relentless grip of this painful and often debilitating condition. Gout is a common yet intricate form of arthritis that affects approximately 9.2 million people in the United States alone. And if you’re one of them, you already know how the excruciating symptoms can disrupt your life. Unfortunately, the reality is that many conventional treatments only offer temporary relief. They also tend to come with many potential side-effects and risks that can make them seem not even worth it. The good news: there’s a natural approach that can drastically improve your condition. 

End Of Gout is all about harnessing the power of your diet and lifestyle to heal gout at its source, for effective and long-term relief. It aims to eliminate the root causes of gout using your diet and lifestyle choices, stress management, physical activity, sleep quality, and much more. The best part: you don’t even have to leave your home.

End of Gout Review

What is The End Of Gout About?

You likely already know that your diet is a key contributing factor to your gout, as confirmed by studies. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow a super restrictive diet. While some simple dietary changes are recommended, there are also many other factors that play a significant role in your condition and overall quality of life.

End of Gout is a powerful online program that has been specifically designed to help people free themselves of the relentless grip of gout. It’s a comprehensive program that’s backed by an abundance of scientific and clinical studies that have found a strong link between gout symptoms and a variety of diet and lifestyle factors to gout. And it takes this information to set you up on a natural, evidence-based healing journey that addresses your symptoms at the root source to effectively eradicate them for long-term relief.

With End Of Gout, you receive all of the information and tools needed to understand the simple adjustments tin your diet and lifestyle that can make a major impact on your overall health. This includes a vast array of topics and resources, including dietary modifications, lifestyle enhancements, sleep patterns, physical activity, nutritional supplementation, and self-care practices.

But the program doesn’t just leave you with the knowledge and send you on your way. It ensures you have all of the actionable steps needed to make a serious impact in your health and overall life. All of this comes in one single guide, which you can download onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer for access anytime, anywhere. This makes it super easy to stay committed to your healing, regardless of where your life takes you.

However, if you prefer to have a physical hardcopy, you can opt to receive one for the cost of printing. And here’s the best part: with the digital version, you’re covered by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This means you have two full months to immerse yourself in the program, risk-free. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

The End of Gout Download Page
A look at the program’s download page.
This is how and where you will access the materials.

Who Created The Program?

Shelly Manning is a highly acclaimed natural health expert and practitioner, who is also the author of End of Gout. She has several years of success in natural health industry and has created many other powerful programs including “The Bone Density Solution,” “The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution,” “Ironbound,” and “The Arthritis Step by Step Strategy.”

Overview of The Program

End of Gout is an online program designed to guide you in healing and eliminating gout from your life naturally and permanently. It’s a comprehensive system wrapped into one, easy-to-follow guide. Within in, you learn all of the positive, healthy changes you can make to start targeting the primary triggers in your diet and lifestyle.

The guide has a clear and straightforward approach, separated into five chapters that cover everything you need to know. This includes reliable health information about gout, as well as actionable steps for the natural methods provided. It also includes quick relief options, food lists, supplement recommendations, sample diet plans, sleep adjustments, stress management techniques and so much more.

There’s a 7-day healing plan you can follow too, plus a collection of appendices with additional resources to further enhance the program’s effectiveness.

Let’s take a closer look at the incredible value this program has to offer.

Here’s a more detailed look at the program as a whole:

  • Chapter 1: What is Gout? How is It Conventionally Understood?
    • What is Gout?
      • The Main Risk Factor For Gout – Too Much Uric Acid
      • Other Risk Factors for Gout
    • How Gout is Diagnosed and Treated Conventionally
      • Typical Conventional Treatments for Gout
      • Newer Conventional Treatment Strategies
  • Chapter 2: Our Helpful Friend
    • The Gut Microbiome
      • What exactly is the microbiome?
    • The General Importance of Microbiome
    • Composition of the Microbiome and How It Develops
      • The Factors that Influence our ‘Micro-friends’
    • Weight and the Gut Microbiome
    • Eating Low Glycemic Index Foods
    • Super Foods for a Healthy Microbiome
      • Why plant lectins are important
    • Healthy Treats

The program begins with two chapters that cover the fundamental aspects of gout. These chapters go over what gout entails and the pivotal role your gut biome plays in the healing process. It covers the various factors that affect your gut biome (and ultimately, your gout), before teaching you how to improve your gut flora using probiotics, prebiotics, low glycemic index foods, superfoods and healthy treats.

  • Chapter 3: Natural Chemical Tools to Combat Gout and Bust Inflammation
    • Busting Inflammation, Supporting Microbiome, Decreasing Uric Acid
    • Supplements for Acute Attacks – *Great Tips
    • Specific Power Nutrients, Foods, Drinks and Vitamins that Fight Gout
    • Special Herbs for Gout
    • Other Powerful Tools for Gout
  • Chapter 4: Our Choices Matter When Healing Gout Day to Day
    • Gout and Lifestyle Factors
      • Broad lifestyle tips for gout
    • Diet and lifestyle
      • Is our modern western diet bad for us?
      • What is sugar?
      • We need sugars for energy, why are they bad?
      • Same energy, different delivery
      • Use the glycemic index
      • High energy reactions can have a cost
      • How much sugar can we eat daily and still be healthy?
      • The optimum diet for living without gout
      • An alkaline diet is the best anti-gout diet
      • What beverages are good in an anti-gout lifestyle?
    • Optimum Gout Diet FAQ
      • Does one have to eliminate all proteins to be free from gout?
      • When should I restrict my purine intake?
      • In an acute gout attack, all purine dense foods are off-limits
      • Haven’t had gout attacks for a while and ready to experiment with purines?
      • Not all purines are equal according to some researchers
      • What is meant when we say that moderate purines in the diet are acceptable?
    • Exercise, Stress and Sleep
      • Exercise
      • Stress
    • Overwhelmed by Stress? How to Recognize the Biological Signs?
    • Chronic Stress and Nutrition
    • Simple Things We Can Do to Avoid Chronic Stress
      • Fantastic strategies to manage stress
      • Melatonin
      • Minerals
      • L-theanine
      • Omega 3-Fatty Acids
      • Probiotics and the microbiome can help with stress
      • Herbal therapies for stress
      • Bacopa
      • Sleep
      • Meditation
  • Chapter 5: Bringing It All Together
    • Goals to Achieve a Healthy Gout-Free Life
    • Quick Hints and Suggestions for a Gout-Free Lifestyle
      • Principles for gout
      • Avoid these!!
      • Exercise
      • One last thing
    • A Supplementation Skeleton
      • Recommended supplements for Gout

In chapters 3 through 5, you learn actionable steps to effectively combat your gout. More specifically, chapter three goes over all kinds of evidence-based natural tools for treating various aspects of gout. For example, it covers the use of cherries, essential vitamins, herbs, safe, natural pain reliever, and much more.

Chapter four delves into the various factors that contribute to gout, such as stress, exercise, sleep, and diet.  Here, you’ll learn simple yet powerful methods to reverse and prevent gout through lifestyle choices, such as stress management techniques, food lists, supplement recommendations, and more.

Chapter five takes all of this information and offers specific and practical steps you can add into your daily routine to benefit from everything you’ve learned. This includes food choices and effective supplements, as well as 7-day plan with clear instructions for an easy, stress-free experience.

The program offers a collection of appendices filled with even more valuable information. These resources serve as an extra reference, so you can enhance your understanding and tools gained throughout the program.

  • Appendix 1
    • Alkaline Foods (Food Options)
    • Acidic Foods (Bad Options)
  • Appendix 2: The Glycemic Index
    • Low Glycemic Index (Under 55)
    • Medium Glycemic Index (From 56 to 69)
    • High Glycemic Index (over 70)
  • Appendix 3: Natural Sources of Sugar Commonly Added to Foods
  • Appendix 4: The Effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Appendix 5: Seven Day Example Meal Plan
    • Purine Food portions: Recommended purine foods and portion sizes for healthy gout eating
    • General foods and their purine contents
  • Appendix 6: The Fat Relief Field Guide and Toolkit for Acute Gout Attacks
    • First priority
    • Quick alkalinizing folk remedy
    • Low-level laser therapy
    • It’s herbal tea time – designed to relax and relieve pain
    • Cherished cherry smoothie for intense pain management
    • DIY gout pain massage oil
    • Gout pain relief cream
    • Supplements for Acute Attacks
  • Appendix 7: Powerful Natural Tools for Gout
End of Gout Table of Contents
The table of contents for the PDF.

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • The program is based on evidence-based natural methods, with a focus on positive changes in your diet and lifestyle.
  • Aims to target the root of your symptoms by eliminating contributing factors from your diet and lifestyle for effective, long-lasting relief.
  • No restrictive dieting or strenuous exercise are required.
  • Teaches you a practical and gradual approach that guides you towards removing all triggers.
  • Comes with an abundance of reliable health information and actionable steps you can take to start the healing process.
  • Includes clears instructions, food lists, supplementation guides, sample diet plans, lifestyle tips, stress management techniques and more.
  • Suitable for anyone dealing with gout symptoms.
  • Rooted in clinical studies and research.
  • The digital version grants you immediate access upon purchase.
  • Can be downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • For a small fee, you have the option to receive a physical version via mail.
  • Backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, allowing a two-month trial period.

Disadvantages of the Program

End of Gout does not come with a physical product. It is digital, so the content is available to your online and can be downloaded onto your tech devices. However, if you would prefer to have a hardcopy delivered to you, this option is available for a small shipping fee.  


End of Gout offers you a holistic program that teaches you how to heal gout at its source, providing permanent relief, simply by addressing the primary triggers in your diet and lifestyle. This approach is 100% natural and encompasses practical steps, such as eating more gout-friendly dietary recommendations, using stress-relief techniques, performing gentle exercise routines, making sleep improvements, and more. No restrictive dieting or strenuous workouts are required, and the entire system can be used right from your tech devices in the comfort of your own home. It’s suitable for anyone struggling with gout symptoms and can even be tried risk-free for two months, the program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program available in any store locations?

End of Gout is only sold online on the official website. This includes a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and digital access anytime, anywhere you need it.  

Is this approach safe?

The entire approach revolves around natural, healthy choices made in both your lifestyle and diet. There is a strong emphasis on integrating highly nutritious foods into your meals while steering clear of those that can exacerbate gout. There are no strange supplements, unconventional herbs, cleanses, or detoxes are used either. 

If you have any pre-existing health conditions, are currently on medication, or have allergies, you may wish to speak with your healthcare provider before getting started.

Are the ingredients easy to get?

All of the ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. You may even have some of them in your kitchen or pantry already. The program also comes with pre-made grocery shopping lists, so you can easily grab everything you need to follow the plan.

What other programs has the author created?

Shelly Manning also created The Bone Density Solution, The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution, Ironbound, and The Arthritis Step by Step Strategy.

Is there a discount code available?

No additional discounts have been released for this program. It does, however, come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, granting you a two-month trial period.


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