Save The Marriage System Review: Is it Worth Considering This Program? Does It Work?

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There are an abundance of reasons that may lead a couple to consider divorce. Some studies have found infidelity to be the most common factor, whereas other studies have found a lack of commitment or just basic incompatibility as the top reason.

Save The Marriage is an online program designed to help couples learn how to identify, overcome and repair their marital issues and re-spark the flame that brought them together in the first place. It’s a comprehensive program that provides you with professional coaching and advice from expert relationship and marriage expert, Dr. Lee H. Baucom. You also receive effective techniques and methods, activities, checklists and perspective for navigating through any issues you’re facing within your marriage.

Divorce: Causes and Solutions

Divorce: Causes and Solutions

Despite vowing ‘til death do us apart’, approximately 50 percent of all marriages end in a divorce or separation, according to new studies. As for first time marriages specifically, 41% of them succumb to a divorce. It’s a terrifying and heart breaking statistics, especially since 100% of marriages begin with the certainty that they’ll be one of the few couples to make it through.