Save The Marriage System Review: Is it Worth Considering This Program? Does It Work?

Save The Marriage System Review

Save The Marriage System is a powerful program designed to provide people with professional marriage counseling and expert advice that helps you identify and address the issues at the core of your relationship, so you can start rebuilding on a healthy, happy foundation. And yes, repairing a marriage can be as simple as properly resolving issues. Unfortunately, an estimated 69% of marital problems never get resolved, according to new studies. Even those who have tried tirelessly to repair their relationship may fail, as they don’t have the professional advice and guidance they need or the budget to pay for in-person sessions.

Save The Marriage aims to provide a solution for anyone who sees their marriage slipping away and who wants to try an affordable, modernized and practical approach. It can be used by anyone, even if your partner isn’t currently on board, as it navigates you through the healing process, step-by-step, no matter the issues, problems or even crises you may be facing within your marriage.

What is Save The Marriage About?

Traditional therapy is often the first option people choose when their relationship starts failing but it comes with a hefty price. Save The Marriage is a digital program that walks you through saving your marriage, one problem at a time. It’s designed to help people identify and address the issues at the core of their relationship problems, so they can effectively overcome them, heal and repair their bond. Save The Marriage offers a much more modernized approach than traditional therapy to ensure a practical and effective system that can be used by anyone, no matter how far gone your marriage may seem. It covers a vast array of issues and even crises to offer a tailored, personalized approach that suits your specific relationship. All of this is put into a simple step-by-step guide, complete with expert coaching, marriage counseling, proven techniques, methods, and so much more, so you can navigate these hardships in a healthy way while also re-building trust, companionship and love.

Here’s a sneak peek at the approach used: 

  1. Identify the crisis (cause) of the failing marriage
  2. Learn ways to save your marriage based on the crisis
  3. Understand the inner workings of a successful marriage
  4. Learn how to build a happy marriage
  5. Learn the factors that affect marriages
  6. Discover step-by-step methods for rebuilding your marriage

Everything is available to you in digital format. This provides you with instant access as soon as you purchase and the ability to download the material onto your personal electronic devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer for private use. You don’t have to wait or pay for shipping, or for a potentially awkward package arriving in the mail. It is also backed by 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try this marriage therapy alternative out risk-free for two months.

Save The Marriage download page
A look at the “Save The Marriage System” download page.
This is how and where you will access the materials.

Who Created Save The Marriage System?

Dr. Lee H. Baucom is the author of Save The Marriage. He is a professional marriage counselor and expert relationship and marriage coach who has specialized in helping people repair their marriages for more than 22 years. Dr. Lee Baucom has earned two Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. and is highly sought after in marriage and family therapy.

Overview of the Save The Marriage System

Save The Marriage is a detailed program that gives you professional advice and marriage counselling for saving your relationship. It’s incredibly comprehensive, covering a vast array of different issues, obstacles and even crises that may have led you to where you are within your relationship today. It starts by addressing the common issues with traditional therapy and how a more modernized approach, such as the one you’re about to learn, can effectively restore your marriage even if your partner isn’t quite on the same page… yet.

Then, it dives right into the various ways, methods, techniques, activities and advice that will guide you towards identifying the issues, overcoming barriers and tackling the issues at the source of your marriage problems. It comes with detailed steps and instructions for an easy, stress-free experience, checklists and so much more. 

Main Manual

The main manual is where you’ll find everything you need to use the program, as it comes with all of the information, professional coaching, advice, techniques, methods and more. It’s separated chapter-by-chapter to ensure a gradual, easy and organized experience. It even covers what to do once you’ve completed the manual, executed the steps and want to continue enhancing the relationship.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics covered:

  1. Why Traditional Couple Therapy Fails
    • The Faulty Assumption
    • An Example
    • The Doomed Idea
    • If Not Couple Therapy, Then What?
  2. Moving From You and Me to We
    • Controlled/Controlling
    • Under/Over functioning
    • Power Struggles
    • Your Turn (Check List)
    • The Physics of Relating
    • Your Turn (Checklist)
  3. Recipe of a Successful Marriage
    • Accurate Perception
    • Clear Communication
    • Right Action
    • The Interplay
    • Pulling It Together
    • Your Turn (Checklist)
    • Exercise: Me, You, We
  4. Finding The North Star of Your Relationship
    • False North Stars
    • Finding a True North Star
    • Your Turn (Checklist)
  5. 3 Simple Secrets to a Successful Marriage
    • Secret #1: Giving Up on Arguing
    • Secret #2: Focus on the Complementarity
    • Secret #3: Make Decisions Based on What Is Good For The Relationship
  6. Create an Upward Cycle
    • Shifting Momentum
    • An Instant Shift
    • Your Turn (Checklist)
  7. Don’t Ask Yourself Whether You Are Still In Love
    • Why Not Emotions?
    • So, What Should I Do?
    • Your Turn (Checklist)
    • When the Emotions Are Missing
    • Reconnecting With The Emotions
    • Your Turn (Checklist)
  8. Chapter 8: When Emotions Are Amiss
    • Intimacy and Abandonment
    • Between The Fears
    • Dealing with The Mix
    • Understanding Anger
    • Your Turn (Checklist)
  9. We All Have a Paradigm
    • So What’s The Tie-In?
    • The Paradigm Problem
    • A Paradigm of People’s Paradigms
    • Your Turn (Checklist)
    • Escaping the Paradigm Trap
    • We Are All Doing The Best We Can
    • We All Operate From Our Own Perspectives
    • Doing To You Vs. Doing For Themselves
    • What This Doesn’t Mean
  10. Boundaries: Where You Begin and End
    • Boundaries and Standards
    • Setting Boundaries in the Relationship
    • Why Boundaries Are Important For You
    • Boundaries and Standards Exercise
    • Boundaries of the Relationship
  11. The Practices of Marriage
    • Practice “Benefit Of The Doubt” Thinking
    • Practice a Sense of Gratitude
    • Practice Continual Forgiveness
  12. The Path to Intimacy
    • Stage One: Pseudo-Intimacy
    • Stage Two: Chaos
    • Stage Three: Emptiness
    • Stage Four: Intimacy
  13. High Mood Relating
    • Focus on Options
  14. Living a Relationship In The Present
  15. Sex Is About We
    • The Reality of Sexual Issues in Marriage
    • The Energy of Sexuality
    • A Different Approach
  16. Money, Power and We
    • Freedom vs. Security
    • The Role of Money in a Couple’s Life
    • The Alternative View
    • Two Keys to a New Perspective
    • Exercise: Your Money Autobiography
  17. Don’t Just Grow; Evolve
    • The Current View of Relationships
    • A Paradigm View of Relationships
  18. Where Do I Go From Here?
    • Relationship Coaching
    • Teleclasses
    • Books and Resources
main manual table of contents
The main manual PDF’s table of contents.

Top 5 Mistakes Report

This guide is a 5-page report that goes over the most common mistakes people make in a relationship that makes their partner want out. It’s designed to help you avoid making these mistakes by providing you with information to help you understand how these things are perceived by the other person and what to do instead.

Quick Start Guide

Just as the name suggests, this is a guide that provides you with the most necessary information so you can get started with the program as quickly as possible. It helps you identify what stage of “the breakup” you’re in and then, it provides you with some quick solutions that you can use straight away based on where you’re at.

Down-N-Dirty Guide

This guide is designed to give you the edge you need to re-captivate your spouse’s attention without using any manipulation tactics. It goes over some commonly asked questions about saving and re-sparking a marriage, and some simple solutions and techniques you can use, such as the “C’s”, which stands for calm, consistent, and constant.

Dealing with Anger & Resentment Report

Lastly, the program comes with this special report designed to help couples deal with anger and resentment, specifically. These intense emotions can quickly turn what-seems-like a repairing relationship into a debacle. So, it aims to help you understand them on a deeper level so you can better manage these emotions moving forward. The techniques and methods are also great!

You also receive a variety of bonus offers for absolutely free, such as:

  • Free bonus #1: Coaching Session
  • Free bonus #2: Mid-Life Marriage Crisis Audio
  • Free bonus #3: Recovering From An Affair Audio
  • Free bonus #4: 5 Rules for Fair Fighting Report
  • Free bonus #5: Change of Heart eBook

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Offers a modernized approach to traditional marriage counselling
  • Aims to provide modern and practical advice, techniques and coaching that actually work
  • Designed to help all marriages, no matter how bad things may have gotten
  • Addresses a vast array of relationship problems, hurdles and crises to ensure a comprehensive guide that can be used by anyone
  • The program can be used without your significant other being on board
  • Helps you identify the problems causing your marriage to be in despair, so you can start healing the issues at the root source
  • Consists of a simple approach that includes professional advice, step-by-step guidance and activities
  • The digital version provides you with instant access
  • The program can be downloaded onto your personal electronic devices
  • Enables private, secure use of the program right on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  • Created by a professional marriage counsellor
  • Supported with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of the Program

A key feature of using Save The Marriage is that the program is digital, which provides you with instant access right on your personal electronic devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This also means that a physical package doesn’t arrive at your home, which is also an advantage to some. However, if you would like a printed version, you would have to print it off on your own, whether at home or a local print shop.


Save The Marriage is a powerful program that provides you with the opportunity and knowledge needed to save your relationship, even if you’re the only one who is on board for doing so. Created by a professional marriage coach and relationship expert, this program offers practical advice, perspective and methods that have a high success rate for saving marriages. The program is designed specifically with a modernized approach to marriage counselling that addresses all kinds of problems and crises you may be facing in your relationship. It can be used by anyone – male or female, and regardless of how bad your marriage may be right now. It’s been so successful, you even get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to try it out, risk-free.

download save the marriage system pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any physical store locations that have the program available?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find the program in any physical store locations as it is sold exclusively on the official website and in digital format. However, this means that you don’t have to pay or wait for shipping, nor do you have to worry about a potentially awkward package arriving on your doorstep. Instead, you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase, can download the content onto your electronic devices, and start using the program. It also comes with a 60 Day

Does the author offer one-on-one coaching?

Yes. By signing up for this program, you receive a complimentary coaching session with Dr. Baucom and his team regarding your marriage issues. Then, there are additional services available to you if needed. However, the program is designed in such a way that you shouldn’t need any additional, one-on-one coaching.

Are there any discount codes for this program?

The author has not released any discount codes for Save The Marriage at this time. However, he does offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee that allows you to try the entire system out risk-free for two months.

Is the price a one-time charge or a recurring fee?

The program is a one-time charge with absolutely zero hidden or recurring fees. The price you see once added to your cart is the only price you pay.


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