Yoga Burn Review: Is it Good? Worth Getting?

yoga burn review

Yoga Burn is an online program designed to help women torch away fat and shape and tone their bodies, simply by using yoga (and without having to do intense cardio and dieting). The weight loss industry wants you to think that you must follow a super restrictive diet and complete hours of cardio to get in shape, but this simply isn’t the case. Research has found that you can burn a significant amount of fat for weight loss using a much simpler practice: yoga. But with so many types of yoga, it can be difficult to know which ones to do or where to get started. That’s also not to mention that some forms of yoga are far more beneficial for weight loss than others. Well, Yoga Burn takes the confusion away, providing you with a fat-burning 12-week program that provides you with a three-phase workout system.

Yoga Burn uses dynamic sequencing exercises to increase your heart rate and get your body burning more fat, while also shaping, sculpting and strengthening your body from top to bottom. It’s yoga on fire!

What is Yoga Burn About?

Various studies have confirmed that yoga can be a powerhouse for losing weight, as it burns calories, increases your muscle mass and tone, helps you manage stress, improves your mood, and curbs emotional eating. But not all yoga styles are created equal.

Yoga Burn is an online, 12-week program that teaches you a specific series of yoga workouts that use dynamic sequencing to constantly challenge your body for continuous burning, sculpting and strengthening of your body. It’s designed specifically to help women achieve their health and weight loss goals and get the fitter, feminine body shape they want, without having to follow intense cardio regimes and restrictive dieting plans.

The program is separated into three different phases, with each phase building off of the prior for that continuous challenge that makes dynamic sequencing so powerful. Each phase comes with three different workout videos that work on fatiguing your muscles, which forces your body to burn more fat to recover quicker post-workout. As a whole, this provides you with three months (phases) of workouts, with 9 total workouts. You also receive several bonuses and extra resources for absolutely free. Here’s a sneak peek at everything the program comes with:

  • Introduction Video
  • Phase One
    • Introduction video
    • Three workout routines
  • Phase Two
    • Introduction video
    • Three workout routines
  • Phase Three
    • Introduction video
    • Three workout videos
  • Bonus #1: Tranquility Flow Bonus Video Workout
  • Bonus #2: Tips and Tools Video
  • Bonus #3: Beginner Flow Video Workout
  • Bonus #4: Pose Tutorial Video
  • Bonus #5: Calendar and Instructions
  • Access to the VIP Facebook Group

Yoga Burn is digital, meaning you can get started right away or anytime you choose since the entire system is available to you online. You can also choose to download the material onto your personal tech devices for use on the go, anytime and anywhere. This can be downloaded as follow-along video exercises or audio files of the workouts, and in PDF format for the written guides. Other than that, all you need is a yoga mat and you’re ready to go!

yoga burn download page
A look at the “Yoga Burn” program’s download page.
Here is where you will access the materials.
Note: You can download them to your devices.

Who Created Yoga Burn?

If you’re familiar with yoga, you’ve likely heard of the creator of Yoga Burn before, Miss Zoe Bray-Cotton. She is an internationally known certified yoga instruction, certified personal trainer, and female body transformation expert. Zoe has completed more than 15,000 hours of yoga training and has helped over 1 million women globally. She has created many successful yoga programs, including this one, which has landed the title of being

an international best-selling fitness system for women.

Overview of the Yoga Burn Program

Yoga Burn is a body transforming 12-week yoga program that takes you through a three-phase system designed to torch away body fat, increase your metabolism and shape, tone and strengthen your body from head-to-toe. Each phase builds off of the prior and uses dynamic sequences to constantly challenge your body for continuous results. There is an introduction video and three workouts in each phase, all of which come with detailed instructions that not only guide you through the workout but also, the individual movements. The instructor also does the workouts with you, so you can see what the movements should look like. You also have the option to follow the workouts in audio instead of video.

The instructor recommends that you complete all three videos in the phase you’re using once a week. This means you’ll be doing three workouts a week, with each taking approximately 45 minutes to complete (3 sets of 15-minute portions). You should spend a minimum of one month in each phase and should only progress onto the next once you can easily complete the workouts from start to finish. You can also choose to stay in a phase for longer if you’d like.

Here is a more detailed look at what you can expect from each phase:

Phase One: Foundational Flow

  • Introduction video
  • Workout video #1
  • Workout video #2
  • Workout video #3

In the first phase of the program, you learn the basics that make up the foundation of the program, hence the name ‘Foundational Flow’. It teaches you the building blocks that you’ll be using well throughout the system for the next 12 weeks (three phases). These are all simple, basic yoga movements but ones that certainly get your muscles and metabolism fired up.

Phase Two: Traditional Flow

  • Introduction video
  • Workout video #1
  • Workout video #2
  • Workout video #3

The second phase of the program is the ‘Traditional Flow’, which is very similar to, well, a traditional flow if you’ve ever done yoga before. It takes the foundational movements you learned in the prior phase and makes them slightly more challenging by adding them into a flow-style workout. This allows for a continuous flow of movement, which increases your heart rate, burns more calories and shapes, sculpts and tones your body.  shaping, sculpting and toning your body. Each workout focuses on movements that work out a specific area of your body, such as one for your upper body, one for your lower body, and the third one for your core.

Phase Three: Mastery Flow

  • Introduction video
  • Workout video #1
  • Workout video #2
  • Workout video #3

The last and final stage of the program is ‘The Mastery Flow’ and just as the name suggests, this is where you really learn how to master the flow. It takes the movements you’ve learned in the first and second phases, and kicks them into high-gear for a fat-torching, intense power yoga session. These movements are quick, have bursts of energy and many more repetitions to fatigue your muscles groups, which forces the body to work harder (burn more fat) to recover.

In addition to the program’s main workout system, you are also provided with some bonus content, which you get for absolutely free! These are:

  • Tranquility Flow Bonus Video Workout
  • Tips and Tools Video
  • Beginner Flow Video Workout
  • Pose Tutorial Video
  • Calendar and Instructions
  • Access to the VIP Facebook Group
  • Audio Files

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Program is a 12-week program that can be used moving forward for however long you would like to see results
  • Workouts use dynamic sequencing movements, which are designed to continuously challenge your body
  • You don’t need any extra equipment, other than a yoga mat (which is to be expected with a yoga program)
  • The workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you choose
  • Program is separated into three phases for gradual process
  • Each phase has 3 different workout videos
  • Instructor does the workouts with you, showing you exactly what the movements should look like while also providing verbal cues that provide you with step-by-step instructions
  • Option to follow along with videos or audio
  • Exercises are strategically designed to transform your body from head to toe
  • No intense cardio!
  • The mindful and breathing techniques used in the workouts provide additional benefits, such as increased awareness, relaxation and mindfulness
  • Digital version allows you to use the program online or download the videos right onto your tech devices
  • Program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of the Program

If you were hoping to receive a yoga package in the mail, it may be a disappointment for you to learn that the entire Yoga Burn program is digital. But before you get too upset, this actually comes with far more advantages, such as instant access as soon as you purchase, the option to download the program right onto your tech devices, and the ability to complete the workouts anytime and anywhere. And since it’s a 12-week program, this can also be great for keeping the regimes fun and exciting. As for the written guides, you can always print these off at home to have a physical hardcopy if you choose. Otherwise, everything else gets stored online or on whatever device(s) you choose. You can also download just the audio files, so you can listen to the verbal cues as you complete the workout.


Yoga Burn is an online 12-week yoga program that teaches you a unique series of strategic yoga workouts designed to completely transform your body in as little as three months. The program will certainly make you sweat, but it’s super simple in terms of using it. The workouts are broken down into a three-phase system and come with visual and verbal cues that guide you through the entire process from start to finish. They can also be used by anyone, no matter your age, gender, flexibility or experience with yoga, and the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee allows you to give it a go and see what you think for two whole months.

download yoga burn pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the method safe?

Yoga is said to be just as good for your health as other forms of exercises, while also having the ability to repair your body, soothe symptoms and even fight off disease by reducing inflammation in the body. So, to say yoga is safe is a total understatement.
And since Yoga Burn is a yoga program, it should certainly be safe for anyone to use. The three-phase system is designed to slowly and gradually builds up the complexity and comes with simpler variations you can do if you are struggling.  Always start slow and adjust accordingly. You can also speak with your doctor prior to getting started if you have any injuries or concerns.

Am I able to find the program in a physical store?

As mentioned, the program is entirely digital so you won’t be able to find it in a physical store. Additionally, it’s also only available for purchase on their official website, so if you do find a copy in a store, watch out: it’s a fake.

Now, keep in mind that the program does come with a money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk-free.

Can the program be used by people who have never done yoga before or who are beginners?

Absolutely. That’s one of the amazing things about yoga – anyone can do it, even without any prior experience, as there is a plethora of variations to simplify the movements or make them more difficult. This program specifically is also broken down into three phases for gradual process. So, you start off at the most basic level where you learn the foundational movements and gradually process into more complicated versions of those as you move through the program. In other words, you aren’t just jumping into the most difficult regimes; the program builds your body up to them. They also come with detailed instructions and videos that not only walk you through the entire regime but the full movement as well.

Are there any discounts available for the program?

The creator has specifically priced her program reasonably, so that discounts don’t have to be used in order to afford it. So, no discounts have been released. However, if this were to change, it would be announced on the program’s official website.

Will I need access to the internet every time I want to use the program?

No. There are a couple of options. Initially, you will need an active internet connection to access the materials. You can then choose to download them onto your personal tech devices, such as your smartphone, tablet or computer, which allows you to use them anytime, anywhere and without an active internet connection. If you don’t choose to download them, you will need the internet to use them online. The choice is entirely yours, but it is recommended to download the videos as this gives you much more freedom.


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