Tips on How To Make Him Want You More!

list of tips to make him want you more

Everyone wants that passionate, long-lasting relationship that we all grew up watching on television and seeing on the cover of the latest magazine; the ‘fairytale love’ that sweeps you off your feet and never puts you back down. But as we get older, we quickly realize that finding and achieving that level of love isn’t as easy as it appears in the movies… And even what appears to be ‘true love’ isn’t always true. After all, these cover stories and plotlines are just made up stories at the end of the day. However, that doesn’t mean that this level of sweet, intense love doesn’t exist or that it’s unattainable. It just isn’t as flawless and simple as many people make it seem. The good news is that it just takes a few skills and a new perspective and you can have any man insanely attracted to you. So, whether you’re in desperate need of some new flirting techniques or professional dating advice, I’ve got you covered.

Be Madly In Love With Yourself First

Step number one to finding love with the partner of your dreams is to first find it with yourself. Yes, you read that right. The key to any successful relationship begins with the relationship you have with yourself.  Although it may sound cliché, you cannot love someone if you do not love yourself. It’s simply impossible. On the other hand, you can’t be loved fully and treated like the Queen that you are if you don’t believe you deserve it. And you do, so let’s practice some much-needed self-love.

Now, this can be the typical bath bomb and spa date. However, the self-love that is really going to help you find the man and relationship you want is the deeper stuff. You must fully indulge in all of the things that you love about yourself, eliminate limiting beliefs that you have, and aim to improve your self-talk and ultimately, your self-love. It’s the inner work and a little sprinkle of outer work. So, if you need to go on a shopping spree to deck yourself out in some new drip to make yourself feel better, treat yourself! But don’t forget to dive into the inner work too.

Get a Life

Alright, so that might sound a little harsh but listen up: men love a good chase. Period. It’s written in their DNA. They are hardwired to chase. This isn’t some misogynist, ‘boys will be boys’ thing either. If a man thinks a woman is just sitting around waiting for them, they will naturally lose interest. On the other hand, when a woman has her own life and isn’t readily available at any given time, men instantly become more attracted to them. So, make plans with your friends. Keep yourself busy. Sign up for your Zumba class. Of course, you want to have some time for him but you also want to show that you don’t need him to have a good time.

Keep Things Fun and Positive

Once you have embarked on your very own love affair with yourself and started living and enjoying your own life, you should automatically become more fun and a joy to be around. But if you still find yourself being a ‘Negative Nancy’ or the friend that always has something to complain about, try to bring awareness to this and swap it out for the brighter side of you. That’s not to say that you need to ignore how you truly feel about something, but there is a time and place for everything, and people naturally want to be around people who they have fun with. So, bring that to the table. If you notice that you may not be as fun as you could be, whether you find yourself complaining or always offering a negative opinion,  swap these things out with some mindfulness techniques.

Bring in the Flirting and Pheromones

Just saying flirting and pheromones sound exciting – and yes, that’s exactly what they are. These playful little steps can instantly spike any man’s desire and they’re based on science, and as you already know, science doesn’t lie. So, play with your hair to release a certain set of flirty pheromones that can have a positive effect on your mood and sexuality. They can also trigger all kinds of desirable responses in men, such as increasing their mood and self-esteem, which they will automatically associate with being around you. So, sharpen up your flirting and pheromones skills and find new ways to use them to your advantage.

Be Happy, Smile Often and Laugh More

If you’re doing all of the things mentioned in this article, being happy, smiling often and laughing more will come to your naturally. But just in case, here is your friendly reminder to do all of these things because you are more attractive when you are happy and are smiling and laughing. It also reemphasises that you’re fun and flirting. Studies have even confirmed that the stronger the smile, the more attractive a face looks. Smiling also emits this carefree, fun attitude that attracts men, and it also makes you feel good. And when you feel good, you’re more fun, flirty and confident, and the irresistible cycle begins.

Look Good Feel Good

As the saying goes, when you look good you feel good. This one simple tip can be all you need to bring out the best side of you – physically, emotionally, spiritually, romantically – you name it. Now, looks will only get you so far, so you don’t want to focus all of your attention on your appearance. But you definitely want to make sure that you step out of your house feeling like the Queen that you are. This will also make you appear more confident and happy, which men are automatically more attracted to. Plus, they will obviously be more attracted to you physically when you’re looking so damn good. So, treat yourself at the salon. Get your nails done. Pick up a new outfit. Look good, feel good ladies.

Your Final Secret Weapons

To really add the cherry on top, there are a couple of extra techniques you can use to make the man you’re interested in becoming undeniably attracted to you. Some of these tips can be used on anyone at any given time or place, and others will only work after the first couple of dates. For example, knowing what to text after a first date (or what not to text to avoid being ghosted) typically only applies to the initial stages of a relationship and it will obviously only work once you have his number. On the other hand, you can always use the secret technique of extending your vowels to be more attractive to whoever you desire, wherever you are.

Some other secret weapons to try are:

  • Give him more compliments (everyone loves a good compliment)
  • Mind your manners (stay classy in the streets)
  • Be open with him about who you are (without airing all your dirty laundry)
  • Initiate conversations and plans (take charge!)
  • Wear red clothing
  • Ask him for his help (men love feeling needed)
  • Pick your outfits based on the guy, not your girlfriends
  • Make more eye contact
  • Make physical contact (rub his arm, touch his leg, etc.)
  • Trust him more (but only if he deserves it, of course)
  • Mirror his body language
  • Stay off your phone (manners, remember?)
  • You can try dating and relationship guidance programs such as Make Him Worship You, The Devotion System and His Secret Obsession programs.

Everyone is looking for that once-in-a-lifetime kind of love and partnership. You know, the type of relationship that makes you feel like you’ve truly met your other half. And it’s something we can all achieve, regardless of our individual circumstances, standards, etc. These professional dating and relationship techniques and tips will help you land the guy you want and create the relationship you deserve. But it starts with you, girl. Know what you bring to the table and embrace that self-love. The rest is pretty much a given.

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