Mend The Marriage Review: Does it Work? Can It Really Save Your Marriage?

Mend The Marriage Review

Mend The Marriage is an online program designed to help people learn effective ways to repair their marriage by addressing all potential issues, concerns and problems in a healthy, respectful way. Even if your partner has declared that they are ready to move on with a divorce or if the problems seem far beyond the point of repair, this program teaches you how to work on yourself and change your behaviours to become the happiest, healthiest and most confident version that naturally changes the dynamic of a relationship.

Mend The Marriage offers you professional guidance and expert advice that can be used right in the comfort of your own home to identify and overcome any obstacles standing in-between you and a passionate, healthy marriage.  

What is Mend The Marriage About?

Hearing that your spouse is ready to call it quits is incredibly disheartening and hurtful, and while you want to respect their decision, you also don’t want to just roll over and give up. Mend The Marriage is an online program designed specifically for the husband or wife who has had their partner declare that they are no longer happy in their marriage and want a divorce. It’s for the person who wants to save their marriage, even through their partner may not. But how is that possible, you ask?

With Mend the Marriage, you learn how to save your marriage simply by focusing on becoming a more confident, respectful and happy person. It provides you with professional guidance, advice and counseling that allows you to make positive and healthy changes in your life and behavior that will automatically translate into the relationship. It uses an exclusive method called ‘The ACBD System’, which is designed to help address all types of relationship problems and concerns. It stands for:

  • Accept the situation
  • Build resilience
  • Commit to change
  • Dedicate yourself to the task

With this simple approach, all types of marriages, struggles, situations and crises are addressed, so you can properly navigate through the problems in your relationship in in a healthy, positive way to save your marriage. Mend The Marriage also provides you with steps you can take and team-building worksheets that can be used to put what you’ve learned into action.

There are also a variety of package upgrades available to you, which are entirely optional, but they do provide you with some extra resources. Here’s a quick look at what those are:

  • Platinum Package: Comes with 6 additional marriage-saving eBooks and email coaching from the author
  • Gold Package: Comes with the 6 additional marriage-saving eBooks
  • Silver Package: Comes with 4 additional marriage-saving eBooks

Regardless of the package you choose, all of the materials are digital, meaning you receive instant access and can download the content onto your personal tech devices for private use.

mend the marriage download page
This is what the download page for the “Mend The Marriage” program looks like.
This is how and where you will access the program’s materials.

Who Created the Mend The Marriage Program?

Professional relationship coach and divorce specialist, Brad Browning, is the author of Mend The Marriage. Brad is a world-renowned relationship coach who specializes in breakups, divorces, relationships and conflict resolution for over 10 years, and has helped all kinds of marriages and relationships overcome a vast array of concerns and situations. He has been featured on popular platforms, such as YourTango,, Vice Media, and, and continues to make a difference in the industry by helping others.

Overview of Mend The Marriage

Mend The Marriage is a 6-part program that teaches you how to stop divorce in its tracks and save your marriage, simply by making positive changes in your behavior and mindset to become the happiest and healthiest version that will naturally improve your relationship. Of course, a little extra work is needed and that’s all covered in this program.

With this program, you receive professional marriage advice and guidance for a fraction of the price of traditional therapy, and it can all be done on your tech device and at your own pace. The program is separated into six sections for gradual progress that slowly and effectively addresses and repairs all woes within your marriage.  It comes as a main manual, audiobook, a 7-video series, and special worksheets that make it easy to put your newfound knowledge into action.

Here’s a more detailed look at the six sections that make up the program as a whole:  

  • Introduction
  • Section One: You Can Mend This Marriage On Your Own
    • Here’s Where We Are
    • How Did We Get Here?
    • Where Can We Go from Here?
    • Doing It Alone
      • Getting Your Spouse to Re-Commit to Marriage

The first section of the program goes over the important steps that make up this effective method. It helps you understand the problems your marriage is facing, how the relationship got to where it is today, and how to use this program to move past the hard times. It’s infused with valuable information, especially in the ‘Ask The Counselor’ sections, where a licensed counselor answers specific questions that others have asked about their relationship while using the program.

  • Section Two: Introducing the ABCD System
    • Accept the Situation
      • Inner Qualities That Will Help You to Accept the Situation
      • Developing Your Inner Qualities
    • Build Resilience
      • Inner Qualities That Will Help You to Build Resilience
      • Building Emotional Resilience
      • Building Physical Resilience
        • Immediate Impact Action #1
      • Building Mental Resilience
        • Immediate Impact Action #2

The second section focuses on the importance of remaining calm as you work through the challenges in your marriage. It provides you with effective tools that can help you stay calm and collected, even in the midst of a heated moment. It also teaches you how to call upon your inner qualities when you need more strength and confidence.

  • Section Three: Stop Fighting With Your Spouse and Start Fighting For Your Spouse
    • Three Stages of a Relationship
    • Family Systems Theory
    • Commit to Change
      • Immediate Impact Action #3
    • Take Care of Your Connection Account
      • Big Six Bond Builders
      • Immediate Impact Action #4
    • Say It So You’re Understood
      • Immediate Impact Action #5

The third section focuses on learning how to face issues and fight together vs. fighting against one another. It provides you with expert advice for navigating through difficult situations and arguments that are inevitable in all relationships. It teaches you how to fight properly and in a healthy way to keep the relationship alive and thriving, even in those hard times.  For example, you learn actionable steps that can provide immediate results and the big six bond builders that are excellent indicators as to what needs to be worked on – and how.  

  • Section Four: Dedicate Yourself to The Task
    • Think It Through
      • Immediate Impact Action #6
    • Find Your Role
      • Immediate Impact Action #7
    • Assess Your Connection Account
      • Immediate Impact Action #8
      • Credit vs. Debit Behaviors
    • Make Changes
      • How This Impacts Genders
    • A Note About Changing Your Mind

Section four is where you learn the final part stage of the ABCD system, which is all about dedication. By this point in the program, you’ll have already implemented some small changes and have likely seen some positive results. This section teaches you how to add the cherry on top and comes with a variety of expert techniques that guide you towards identifying the parts of your relationship that need change.

  • Section Five: Special Considerations
    • Managing Anger
      • The Dispute Defusing System
    • Sex and Intimacy
    • Affairs and Infidelity
      • Recovering From An Affair
    • Mental Health and Addictions
    • Abuse
      • Are You Being Abused?
    • Children

In section five, the more complicated issues are addressed. It covers topics that many people don’t want to talk about but that must be addressed, especially if they pertain to you and your relationship. Now, they may not and that’s entirely okay. You can go ahead and skip this section. However, if you do resonate with any of these topics, you will want to spend a good amount of time here, as it helps you navigate through extremely difficult situations and circumstances. It comes with valuable advice, as opposed to simply telling you to pack up and leave. For example, if anger is the issue, the advice provided helps you learn how to express anger in an assertive, yet non-aggressive way.

  • Section Six: Your Happy Future

In the last section of the program, you receive a quick recap of the things to remember as you move forward with your relationship. It provides you with a list of simple things to continue to make an effort on to ensure a healthy, happy and relationship that is equally satisfying for you and your partner.

Mend The Marriage Table of Contents
The table of contents for Mend The Marriage manual PDF.

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • The program provides you with professional advice, techniques and counseling
  • Uses an exclusive method that is designed to work on all situations and for all marriages
  • Addresses all types of problems in marriages, including common and uncommon issues
  • Guides you through whether the marriage should be salvaged
  • Can be used even if your spouse is ready to call it quits and doesn’t want to put in an effort
  • Helps you navigate through a series of potential situations, problems, issues, etc.
  • Can be used right in the comfort of your own home (no need to travel to a counselor)
  • Personal coaching is available
  • The digital version allows you to download the program’s content right on your personal tech devices for private access anytime and anywhere, while also keeping your situation away from kids, nosey neighbours, intrusive in-laws, etc.)
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee allows you to try the program out risk-free for two months

Disadvantage of the Program

The only thing that may be considered a disadvantage is that the program is entirely digital. This means that a physical hardcopy will not get mailed out to you. Instead, all of the material can be accessed online immediately after purchase and downloaded right onto your private tech devices, which are only some of the advantages you receive from the digital version. It also means you don’t have to wait or pay for shipping, and you don’t have to worry about carrying around a book about your relationship woes.

However, if you would still prefer a physical hardcopy, you can download the materials and print off the guides at home.  


Mend the Marriage is a powerful program designed to help people save their marriage, regardless of the problems or circumstances that have brought them to this point. It’s designed to work for all couples, even if one person is ready to call it quits, and can be used by either the husband or wife. It consists of a unique approach known as the ‘ABCD’ method that can be applied to any situation, and it’s even backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, if you think your marriage is still beyond repair, you have nothing to lose by giving it one more shot with this program.

Download Mend The Marriage PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of marriages and problems can this program benefit?

One of the many great things about Mend The Marriage is that it is designed to help repair all types of marriages, regardless of the case or situation. Whether it’s infidelity or an affair, mental health concerns, addictions, abuse or simply falling out of love, this program aims to help you navigate the situation properly so you can start repairing the marriage. You don’t even need to have your partner on board or even wanting to repair the relationship at this point. The author also guides you through whether the marriage should be salvaged.

Will the program work if I’m the one who ruined the marriage?

Absolutely. The program is specifically designed for the husband or wife who has a spouse that is ready to call it quits. It aims to help you improve yourself to become the happiest, most confident person you can be that will automatically attract your spouse. It’s about changing your behavior to have a positive impact on your relationship as a whole, which aligns perfectly with you if you’re the one who ‘messed up the marriage’.

Does the author provide any personal consultation or coaching?

Once you’ve purchased the program, you have the option to upgrade to the premium package which includes coaching from Brad Browning and 6 advanced modules. This option can be found on the downloads page and consists of:

· Personal coaching
· Dealing with Anger and Resentment in Your Marriage Guide
· Saving Your Marriage from Extreme Crisis Guide
· The Most Common Reason for Divorce: Dissected Guide
· Making Your Spouse Sexually Addicted to You Guide
· Great Expectations: What History Can Tell Us About Modern Marriage Guide
· Speaking the Language of Love: The Five Languages of Love Guide

There’s also a gold and silver package option, but they do not include personal coaching with Brad.

Is there any other way to receive some advice from Brad?

Yes. On the contact page, there’s a section called “Seeking Brad’s Advice” where you can send a message regarding your specific situation, concerns or marriage to receive personalized advice and guidance. You typically get a response within 24 hours or less.

seeking brad's advice

Am I able to get a physical hardcopy of the program or can I find it in a bookstore?

As mentioned previously, the entire system is digital. This means that you won’t be able to find it in a bookstore. Instead, it is only available on their official website, where you can access the content online and download it onto your personal tech devices, such as your smartphone, tablet or computer for immediate access and use of the program anytime, anywhere. It also saves you on shipping and you don’t have to worry about having a physical hardcopy laying around, which may be key in your situation if your spouse isn’t on board with repairing the relationship.

However, if you would still prefer a physical hardcopy, you can always download and print the guides off at your local print shop or home to have your own personal physical copy.


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