Irresistible Texts Review: Does it Actually Work? And is it Worth Getting?

Irresistible Texts Review

Irresistible Texts is an online program designed for women that focuses on texts that trigger a chemical reaction in men, known as “the love hormones”, to play on the science of romance, attraction and to excite a man’s emotional response. Numerous studies have confirmed that attraction comes down to a series of hormones, including testosterone and estrogen for driving lust, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin for creating attraction; and oxytocin for forming attachment. This means that getting someone attracted and interested in you is as simple as triggering these hormones and what better way to do just that than via texting?

Irresistible Texts is the ultimate program for learning how and what to text to get the man and relationship you want. It takes the science associated with love and attraction and puts it into a formula (or rather, texts) that can make any man more responsible, romantic and chasing after you.

What is Irresistible Texts About?

Attraction comes down to a science. By understanding the hormones that get activated when a man becomes attracted to a woman, you can learn what hormones to trigger to spike attraction. Irresistible Texts is an online program designed to help women get the emotional response, attraction and attention they want from a man, one text at a time. It’s a comprehensive program that’s highly based on science and the chemical reactions that occur with attraction. It’s put together for you in a 5-step process, with each step focusing on activating one main hormone. For example:

  • step one is about triggering testosterone (get him pursuing you)
  • step two is about boosting dopamine (to keep him invested)
  • step three is about increasing androgen (to keep him coming back for more)
  • step four is about activating endorphins (to keep him seeking those good feelings associated with you)
  •  and step five is about spiking oxytocin (to create a bond)

Each step of the program comes with incredible information that teaches you the science behind that hormone, ways to activate it and different text examples you can send to trigger it too. This is put together for you in one main guide, which can be downloaded right onto your personal tech devices, so you can discreetly access it anytime a text comes in, regardless of where you are.

Irresistible Texts also comes with a variety of videos that help you navigate any difficult situations regarding dating and texting, such as ghosting, not knowing what to say, and so on and so forth. You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and several free bonuses!

Irresistible Texts Download Page
The download page for the Irresistible Texts program.
This is how you will access the program’s materials.

Who Created The Irresistible Texts Program?

Matt Coast is the author of Irresistible Texts. You may recognize his name as he is an award-winning dating and relationship coach who has been featured on CNN, ABC, Success Magazine and many more. Matt has been helping men and women find what they’re looking for within their love life for over a decade (almost two decades) and is highly recognized as a leading expert, author and entrepreneur within the dating and relationship industry. He has written several books, articles and programs, has a successful Youtube channel and is also the founder and CEO of Project U, which aims to empower men and women to live a life filled with passion.

Overview of the Irresistible Texts Program

Irresistible Texts is a comprehensive dating and relationship program that is broken down into a simple, 5-step process. This process is taught to you in a written manual, complete with an abundance of professional coaching, advice, perspective and strategies that help you learn how to trigger specific hormones associated with attraction, romance and love. Each chapter focuses on one step, which focuses on one main hormone. You receive text examples for activating each hormone, as well as additional tips and lists of ways you can trigger the response and emotion you want. There are plenty of different text examples to choose from, so you can use the ones that best suit your personality, relationship and scenario.

Here is a more detailed look at what you can expect from the program as a whole:

Main Manual

  • Chapter 1: Testosterone – How to Make Him Want to Pursue You
    • Step 1: Keep him interested in you by giving him new challenges
    • Example: Testosterone-Motivation Texts

After a brief introduction to the program, chapter one dives right into activating the first hormone: testosterone. This is a sex hormone that is linked to a man’s ego and his physiological response and overall health. By learning how to trigger this hormone, you can make any man pursue you more than usual and try a lot harder than they normally would and that’s precisely what this chapter teaches you how to do. It also talks about the pattern men follow when their testosterone is boosted and how to keep him challenged to get him coming back for more.  

  • Chapter 2: Dopamine – Fuel His Anticipation
    • Step 2: Get him addicted to you by making this more about him
    • Example: Dopamine-Motivation Texts

The second chapter teaches you how to activate dopamine, which is commonly referred to as “the happy hormone”. It’s highly linked to the feeling of pleasure, happiness, motivation, focus and alertness, and also triggers a seek and reward response. It teaches you some ways to get him to seek your reaction, so he gets his reward (your attention), how to trigger those happy feelings via text, activities you can do on a date to play into the dopamine, and so much more.

  • Chapter 3: Androgen – Sex and Power, a Male Perspective
    • Step 3: Keep him coming back by making him feel like a king
    • Example: Androgen-Motivation Texts

This chapter is all about a sex hormone that is closely linked to attitude and romantic experiences. You learn how a man wants to feel when being flirted with, which simultaneously are all the same qualities that make him more attractive to women. So, if he wants to feel sexy and you make him feel sexy, he also sees you as more sexy. Makes sense? In addition to some awesome text examples, you also receive additional ways you can make him feel like the sexy, dominant male that makes him feel more attracted to you.

  • Chapter 4: Endorphins – The Positive Associations Drugs
    • Step 4: Keep him invested in you by only feeding him positive memories and discussions
    • Example: Endorphin-Motivation Texts

In this chapter, you learn simply ways to boost endorphins, which produce an euphoric feeling and that is commonly linked to love, pleasure and sex. This chapter is highly focused on getting your crush more involved in your texting conversations by creating more positive associations with you. So, you’ll be using texts that make him feel good, which keeps him coming back for more because he likes the way you make him feel.

  • Chapter 5: Oxytocin – Teach Him How to Bond
    • Step 5: Don’t just love him… give him tasks so that he can show proof of his love
    • Example: Oxytocin-Motivation Texts

The last step (and hormone) to the process is oxytocin, known as the love hormone. In this chapter you learn how to create the bonding process in and out of texting. It comes with plenty of examples and texts too, so that even the minor things grow his desire for you.

  • Conclusion
Irresistible Texts Table of Contents
The table of contents for Irresistible Texts PDF.


The program also comes with a variety of videos that address a variety of issues that people have been known to experience when texting a guy, whether it’s being ghosted or him not wanting to talk on the phone, not knowing what to say after a date or sex, and so on and so forth. Just like the written manual, the videos come with a ton of incredible information, advice and strategies to help you overcome any potential roadblocks.

  1. Winning Mindsets Video
  2. Common Texting Mistakes Women Make
  3. Get Him to Text Back Quickly (Immediately)
  4. What to Text to Get Him to Call You on the Phone
  5. How to Get Him to Text You Daily
  6. Get Him to Take You Out on Dates (Preventing Text Buddies)
  7. Get Him to Take You Out on Dates (Preventing Sex Buddies)
  8. What to Text After Sex
  9. What to Do When He Pulls Away
  10. What to Text Him When He Pulls Away Pt. 1 and Pt. 2
  11. What to Text Him to Get Him to Want to Meet Up
  12. What to Text to Get a 2nd and 3rd Date

The program also comes with a variety of bonuses, which you receive for absolutely free. They are:

  • Free Bonus #1: This 5 Word Text Destroys His Attraction and Interest in Your Video
  • Free Bonus #2: 4 Steps to Make Him Chase You Over Text Video
  • Free Bonus #3: Texts That Make Him Chase Video
  • Free Bonus #4: What to Do When He Ghosts You Video
  • Free Bonus #5:

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Highly based on the science of attraction, romance and love
  • Teaches you simple techniques for texting and getting the response you want from the man you’re talking to
  • Designed exclusively for women
  • Created by a professional dating and relationship coach
  • Aims to help women trigger interest, passion, and attraction through texting
  • Simple process
  • Can be used by any woman, no matter their age or relationship status
  • The techniques can work on any man, as they’re highly based on science regarding chemical reactions and hormones
  • Comes with simple step-by-step instructions and example texts
  • Easy to learn, follow and implement
  • Digital version provides you with instant access
  • Don’t have to wait or pay for shipping
  • Can download the material onto your tech devices for use anytime, anywhere
  • Supported by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of the Program

A key advantage to using Irresistible Texts is that the program is digital. This provides you with instant access immediately after purchase, so you don’t have to pay for shipping or wait for a potentially embarrassing package to arrive on your doorstep. Instead, everything can be accessed online and downloaded right onto your personal tech devices for use anytime, anywhere. However, this also means that a hardcopy version doesn’t come with the program. Although, you can always print off the guide on your own at home or a local print shop if you would like a physical version. 


Irresistible Texts is the ultimate program for learning how to text your way to a man’s heart, or rather, how to text to get him chasing you to get to yours. It’s a comprehensive program designed exclusively for women and created by a professional dating and relationship coach. The program aims to provide women with the guidance and techniques needed to learn how to send text messages that trigger the kind of hormones and chemical reactions that are linked to attraction, romance, emotion and ultimately, love. Any woman can use the program to get the response they want from a man, whoever that man may be; it could be your current partner, ex or some stranger you recently swiped right on, on a dating app. The program is even backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can give it a try for two months and see how it transforms your texting game, entirely risk-free.

download irresistible texts pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any stores, such as bookshops, that I can find the program in?

The program is digital and isn’t sold in any physical store locations. Instead, it can be purchased from their official website and access it online or download the material onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This also provides you with instant access anytime you need it, wherever you are and you don’t have to pay for shipping.
However, if you would like a hardcopy, you could always print the guide off.

How will I know if I am using the techniques properly?

Irresistible Texts is incredibly detailed and comes with step-by-step instructions, descriptions and text examples that teach you exactly what to do and when, so you should have no problem learning and using the techniques. It also comes with a variety of videos that teach you how to overcome different obstacles or issues, such as him pulling back, ghosting you, not knowing what to say after a date, and so on and so forth.

Is personal one-on-one coaching available?

As a member of the program, you receive exclusive access to a private Facebook support group where you can connect with the author and other members and seek additional help, advice or answers.

Are there any discount codes for the program?

No official discounts have been released for the program. Instead, the author chose to have it reasonably priced to begin with. It also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.


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