Hyperbolic Stretching Review: What Is It Like? Is It Good?

Hyperbolic Stretching is an incredible follow-along program designed to help people unlock their full athletic potential by addressing the body’s natural limits: the reciprocal muscle inhibition. This natural occurrence is when the stretch of one muscle inhibits the activity of the opposing muscle. In simpler terms, the reciprocal inhibition prevents muscles from working against each other. The downside is that this natural reflex is often what stands in the way of someone achieving maximum flexibility and performance which also happens to be the number one complaint of even professional athletes. The good news is that this survival muscle reflex can be surpassed but it takes more than just your everyday stretches and yoga poses.

Hyperbolic Stretching provides you with a follow-along program that you can do at home to gradually break through the limitations of reciprocal muscle inhibition. It involves completing a specific series of strategic movements that helps you achieve maximum flexibility while also strengthening and toning your body.

hyperbolic stretching review

What is Hyperbolic Stretching About?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but your standard stretches and yoga poses simply aren’t cutting it when it comes to reaching your full flexibility and ultimately, unleashing maximum performance. What you do is need a regime that addresses your body’s natural limitations, the reciprocal muscle inhibition, often referred to as the ‘survival muscle reflex’. This reflex can prevent you from achieving maximum flexibility, which is a common concern for many professional athletes aiming to improve their performance.

Hyperbolic Stretching is an online program designed to help people train in a way that allows them to safely and effectively surpass reciprocal muscle inhibition. It’s a comprehensive program that takes you through a follow-along regime, complete with all of the information, steps and regimes needed to overcome this natural phenomenon.

With the program, you receive a series of videos that gradually guide you through the process. These follow-along videos teach you a series of strategic, specific movements and stretching techniques that gently improve both flexibility and strength, allowing your body to go beyond its current limits. No extra equipment or tools are needed.  However, to enhance the stretch and experience even greater benefits, you may want to use a towel or yoga strap into these movements. This can help you achieve a deeper and more effective stretch. However, these are just optional and the ultimate goal is to master these exercises without the need for any external aids. Other than that, everything can be done right at home. Just press “play” and Hyperbolic Stretching guides you through the entire process.

Now, it’s important to mention that since the program takes on a gradual, slow and strategic process, anyone can use it regardless of your current flexibility or fitness level. There is also a separate version for men and women, with some slight variations in the movements to address gender-specific challenges. Hyperbolic Stretching also includes an introduction video and helpful tips to ensure you have all the knowledge needed to fully understand the approach, movements and process.

The program is digital too, which means you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase. This also allows you to conveniently practice it at home or anywhere you choose, as you can access the content right from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Plus, it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can explore and experience the benefits for two months entirely risk-free.

hyperbolic stretching download page
How and what the program’s download page looks like.

Who Created The Program?

Alex Larsson is the creator of Hyperbolic Stretching. He is a renowned expert in flexibility and core strength and is often recognized as one of the best due to his unique and effective method. In fact, Alex’s method is widely recognized and taught in numerous yoga studios, MMA gyms, sports facilities, and martial arts dojos.

Over the years, he has helped over 16,000 people unlock their full performance potential by teaching them how to surpass their ‘survival muscle reflex’.

Overview of The Program

Hyperbolic Stretching is a comprehensive, at-home workout program designed to help you break through your body’s natural barriers to unlock your full potential. It comes with two separate versions – one for women and another for men, both of which provide you with a step-by-step training regime that involves using strategic stretches and techniques.

These movements are strategically put together in a way that guides your body past the reciprocal muscle inhibition, for safe and gradual progress towards optimal flexibility.

But there’s more.

With this program, you receive a variety of videos that go far beyond the flexibility regime. Within each, you’re provided with valuable information, helpful tips, guidance and advice pertaining to your performance and overall health and wellness.

The video regimes are also conveniently separated for clear guidance and progression. Each week introduces a specific set of movements that gradually become more intricate as you advance through the program. For example, you learn how to do a low lunge in one of the stages, and then you learn how to do a deeper lunge, and eventually, the full splits.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the different components:

Introduction Video & Tips

  • How Often and When To Stretch Video
  • Helpful Tips, Workarounds and Routine Adjustments Video
  • How To Combine Routines For Specific Health Conditions & Sport Disciplines Guide

The program begins with an introduction section that includes two videos and a written manual that covers everything there is to know to get started. This includes important details like how often to do the stretches, how the program works, and all the wonderful benefits it has in store for you. The videos also come with additional tips, variations and suggestions to making adjustments to the routines to suit your individual preferences and personal goals. The guide takes this one step further, providing you with guidance on making changes or combining routines to address specific health conditions.

Front Split for Beginners & Side Split For Beginners

  • Follow-along routine
  •  Exercise explanation

Once you have gone through the introduction, you can head right into the first week which is the beginner front split and side split. This includes a video exercise routine for both types of splits, which you can follow for detailed steps and guidance. These sections also include a video that breaks down the two splits and the exercises you’ll be doing.

Front Split for Intermediate

  • Follow-along routine
  • Exercise explanation

When you can complete a front split or side split, you can then move onto the next stage: front split for intermediate or side split for intermediate. This takes the things you learned in the previous section and pushes the stretches and movements a bit further to help you gradually and safely increase your flexibility. This also comes with a video-along routine for each, as well as a video describing the individual steps.

Front Split for Advanced: Close the Gap

  • Follow-along routine
  • Exercise explanation

As you progress through the program, you will eventually find yourself in the advanced stage of the front split/side split. Just like the prior, the follow-along video routines take what you’ve achieved thus far and teach you movements that lightly push your body just a bit further until you’re in a full front or side split. It also comes with a detailed exercise explanation that explains each step of the way. 

Pike Mastery

  • Follow-along routine
  • Exercise explanation

 In this section, you receive access to a follow-along routine and explanation video that guide you through the pike power stretch. The first video is a follow-along routine, providing you with a visual demonstration of the exercise, while the second video offers a detailed explanation of the movements and highlights the multitude of benefits associated with them. For optimal results, it’s recommended to incorporate this video into your routine three times a week.

Upper Body Stretching

  • Follow-along routine
  • Exercise explanation

 This section guides you through a variety of upper body stretches, specifically targeting your wrists, elbows, shoulders, and joint rotation. You’ll have access to both a follow-along routine and an explanatory video, both of which offer step-by-step instructions to ensure you understand every step of the way. 

To fully reap the benefits, it’s advised to incorporate these stretches into your routine between three to six times a week.

Dynamic Flexibility and Stretching

  • Follow-along routine

This section introduces you to a special series of movements put into a flow known as a dynamic sequence. These movements work in harmony to stretch your muscles and joints through their complete range of motion, ultimately unlocking greater flexibility.

To make the most of this powerful practice, it’s recommended to incorporate it into your routine between three to seven times a week. It can also be used as a standalone morning routine, a part of your warmup, or a soothing cooldown too.

Easy Bridge Beginner and Advanced

This section comes with two sets of videos for performing a bridge at a beginner level, as well as at an advanced level. These videos offer follow-along routines specifically designed to guide your body towards achieving a complete bridge movement.

The beginner routine focuses on establishing the foundation of the bridge, whereas the advanced video teaches you how to add those finishing touches to perfect the movement.

Lesson Preview
Preview of what each section and its playlist look like.

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • The program follows a 100% natural approach that involves using strategic stretching techniques and movements.
  • The main focus is on training your body to safely and effectively break through the reciprocal muscle inhibition to unlock your full potential.
  • In addition to increasing your flexibility, the movements also strengthen and tone the body.
  • Structured into a series of video routines that allow for gradual and sustainable progress.
  • You only need approximately 8 minutes a day to complete the routines.
  • You can use the program without access to a gym or any specialized equipment.
  • No extra equipment or tools are required.
  • You receive access to video tutorials that provide clear guidance throughout your journey.
  • The regime can be easily added into your existing workout routine.
  • The digital format allows you to access the program anytime, anywhere.
  • Comes with videos and a downloadable guide for customizing the program to suit your individual goals and/or health conditions.
  • The program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Disadvantages of the Program

Nothing gets shipped out to you. Hyperbolic Stretching is a digital program, so everything is available to you online. This allows easy, convenient access right on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Plus, you save on the cost of shipping!


Hyperbolic Stretching is the perfect program for learning how to safely, gradually and effectively surpass your body’s natural limits so you can unlock your full potential and performance. It’s a comprehensive, follow-along program that involves using a series of targeted stretching techniques that not only enhance strength, but also sculpt and tone your body, all while gradually expanding your flexibility to its maximum potential. You can easily practice it in the comfort of your own home, with no need for additional equipment—though a chair or rolled-up towels and a yoga mat can be helpful (but they are entirely optional). Other than that, you just need 8 minutes a day. The program even comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can give it a try with no risk and all the reward.

download hyperbolic stretching pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program available in-store?

The program is digital, so it is not sold in any stores. It can only be purchased on the official website

Is it safe to use this regime?

The program prioritizes safety for everyone, offering a 100% natural approach centered around a series of carefully designed stretches, movements and routines. You’ll find comprehensive step-by-step instructions and convenient follow-along videos that leave no room for confusion. It’s important to adhere to the provided steps and guidance to minimize any potential risk of injury.

If you have any pre-existing health conditions or are in the process of recovering from an injury, you may want to consult with your doctor before getting started.

How long does the program take?

Each of the routines take approximately 8 minutes from start to finish. It’s also recommended to use the program at least 6 times a week for maximum results.

Do I need access to gym equipment or additional tools?

No extra tools or equipment are needed. You may, however, want to use some optional equipment, such as a chair, a folded-up towel, yoga strap or yoga mat to enhance your comfort.

Is there a discount code available?

No additional discounts have been released for this program. It does, however, come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try it out for two months risk-free.

Is there someone I can contact if I have any questions?

Yes, the author and his team can be reached via email from the official website.


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