Children Learning Reading Review: Is it Effective? Does it Work?

Children Learning Reading Review

Children Learning Reading is a powerful program designed to help adults teach children how to actually read and in a fun, easy and efficient way by focusing on phonics instead of memorization. There are over 170,000 words in the English language, with a vast array of letter combinations that quickly change how words sound. For example, how ‘bit’ turns into ‘bite’ simply by adding an e, or how an ‘ssss’ sound turns into a shush sound by combining ‘sh’. Even word shapes are confusing, with ‘bat’ and ‘hut’ having the exact same shape but entirely different sounds. Needless to say, it makes sense children are struggling to read, with approximately 67% of fourth grade students in the US being unable to read at a proficient level, according to studies. Sight words and memorizing letter and word shapes simply doesn’t make sense.

With Children Learning Reading, children learn how to read by focusing on the combination of synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness development. It’s simple, easy and fun, and comes with all of the lesson plans, reading lessons, printable games, activities, and audio files needed to turn your little readers into confident ones!

What is Children Learning Reading About?

Did you know there are more than 170,000 words in the English language? That’s a lot of words and shapes to remember if you are hoping to learn how to read the traditional way, and that’s not even mentioning the thousands of ways letters, letter combinations and word shapes can completely change the sound/word.

Children Learning Reading is an online program designed to help children learn how to read in a much easier, enjoyable way. Instead of focusing on memorizing different letter and word shapes, this program aims to help children learn how to read by first understanding the 44 of the English language. It aims to ensure children are actually learning how to read the letters and words and the sounds they make, instead of guessing what they are based on their shape or the picture associated with them in the book they’re reading or seeing on a flashcard. (Take away the picture and most children don’t know the word they just read).

The Children Learning Reading is a comprehensive program that not only teaches children how to read but also, it teaches adults how to teach this new method that is based on research conducted on the power of phonemic awareness, the importance of blending, reading and vocabulary growth, and so on and so forth.

The entire Children Learning Reading process is put into an easy 5-step process that consists of:

  • Step 1 Manual: Phonics Foundations
  • Step 2 Manual: Advanced Phonics Manual
  • Step 3: Fun To Read Lesson Stories
  • Step 4: Phonics Sounds – Letter Sound MP3 Audios
  • Step 5: Common Sight Words and Children’s Rhymes Book

It comes with detailed lessons that teach both the adult and child, as well as all of the material needed to make the learning process fun and engaging, such as printable lesson plans, audio files, games, activities and so much more. Everything is digital as well, so you can access the content immediately after purchase and get started. The materials can also be downloaded right onto your personal tech devices for learning on-the-go, anytime and anywhere, whether it’s on vacation, before bed or in the car on a road trip.  It also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you try it out and see what you think and perhaps join the 38,000+happy parents and teachers using this program to successfully teach reading.

Children Learning Reading download page
Preview of the Children Learning Reading program’s download page.
This is how and where you will access the program’s materials.

Who Created Children Learning Reading?

The author of Children Learning Reading is Jim Yang. He is a father to three children and was passionate about ensuring his children learned how to read properly and proficiently. So he spent an enormous amount of time researching scientific studies and reports on reading and the benefits reading has on childhood development. Through this process, he was able to learn a new strategy that is far more effective at teaching children how to really read the words instead of memorizing them. After seeing his little ones read while still in diapers and eventually, process into story books in school, Jim was eager to help other parents do the same for their children.

Overview of the Children Learning Reading Program

Children Learning Reading is a two-stage program designed to help children learn how to read in a fun, easy way by focusing on learning the sounds of the letters and English language, instead of memorizing letter and word shapes.

The program is separated into two stages for a gradual learning experience for both the children and the adult learning how to teach this method. The first stage is infused with information about this style of teaching, the approach, the foundation of the lessons, and how to teach it to children in a fun, engaging way. It also covers a vast array of additional topics that serve to help the adults identify and navigate the reading struggles their child is experiencing. You also learn about how this method can help children, based on research conducted on the power of phonemic awareness, the importance of blending, reading and vocabulary growth, etc.

As for stage two, that’s where you learn how to put everything you’ve learned from stage one into action. It comes with step-by-step guides, 50 reading lessons, printable games and activities, and audio files that allow the teaching to begin.  

To show you just how detailed the program is, here is a look at the different topics and lessons covered in each of the 2 stages that make up the program as a whole:

Stage 1: Phonics Foundations

28 Reading Step-By-Step Reading Lessons

  • Phonemic Awareness
    • What is Phonemic Awareness?
    • The Research Behind Phonemic Awareness
    • The Importance of Blending
    • Phonemic Awareness Development in Different Age Groups
    • A Quick Note About Struggling Readers
    • Developing Early Phonemic Awareness
    • Smooth Blending and Choppy Blending
    • The Importance of Repeated Practice and Exposure
  • Systematic Synthetic Phonics
    • What is Synthetic Phonics?
    • Why Synthetic Phonics?
    • About Synthetic Phonics and this Program
    • About Sight Words
    • Letter Names and Letter Sounds
    • Synthetic Phonics and The Complexities of English
  • What Reading Does for the Mind
    • The Matthew Effect in Reading
    • Reading and Vocabulary Growth
    • The Importance of Home Support for Literacy Development in Children
  • Reading Comprehension
    • Decoding and Word Recognition
    • The Necessity of Continued Sounding Out and Blending Practices
    • Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension
  • The First Steps
    • How Much Time Should We Spend on Lessons?
    • What if My Child Already Knows All the Letters and Sounds?
    • The Importance of Learning and Teaching the Proper Sounds
    • About Struggling Readers
    • Voiced and Unvoiced Sound Pairs
    • Doing Stretchy Bends and Troubleshooting Various Blending Problems
    • Teaching Capital and Lowercase Letters
  • Getting Your Child to Cooperate
    • My Best Advice: Setup a Regular Daily Routine and Schedule
    • Talk To Your Child, At the SAME Level
    • Simple Tips and Ideas for Motivation
  • How to Teach Reading and Present Lessons
    • Reading Left to Right
    • Teaching Letters and Letter Sounds
    • Always Point to Where You Are Reading
    • Point and Swipe
      • Font Used – Verdana

The first stage of the program is fairly comprehensive, as it’s where you learn the foundation of the program, the approach, and how to teach it with the lesson plans provided. As you can see from the list, there are several chapters dedicated strictly to teaching the method, which consists of learning how to hear, identify and work with the basic letters. It comes with several games, activities and lessons that keep the learning process fun, such as asking the child to hop or run to a specific sound, hearing a sound and performing an action, the shopping game, hopping hoops game, and many more. Once the child has learned this portion of the program, they can move onto the next, which focuses more on the combination of synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness development.

"Stage 1: Phonics Foundations" table of contents
The table of contents for “Stage 1: Phonics Foundations” PDF.

Stage 2: Advanced Phonics Manual

 Topics + 22 Step-By-Step Reading Lessons

  • Teaching Digraphs and Diphthongs
  • Oh, The Complexities
  • Guided Reading and Books
  • The Schwa
  • Synthetic Phonics and The Complexities of English
  • Point and Swipe
  • 33 Lessons
  • We are Done!
    • What’s Next?

Stage 2 of the program focuses on ‘Advanced Phonics’, which takes the material your child has learned in the first stage and builds off of that. For example, your child already knows the 26 letter names and sounds from the first stage. This manual provides lesson plans that are a little more complicated so they can expand their vocabulary and reading. So, they’ll be learning how the ‘S’ sound changes when an ‘H’ is added onto it to create a “SH” sounds and how added “EE” combinations that make a ‘yee’ sound change the sound of other letters, how “CH” can make 3 sounds, and so on and so forth. 

The program also comes with additional materials, such as:

  • Lesson Printouts for Stage 1
  • Lesson Printouts for Stage 2
  • Reading Bingo Game Printouts
  • Fun to Read Lesson Stories
  • Phonetic Sounds – Letter Sound MP3 Audios
  • Common Sight Words and Children’s Rhymes Book

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Method focuses on children learning the 44 sounds of the English language instead of memorizing letter and word shapes
  • Eliminates confusion associated with letter combinations and word shapes that have the same shape but that sound different, such as bat and hut, or bit and bite
  • Aims to make reading fun with printable games and activities
  • Comes with detailed lesson plans that make it easy to learn and teach the lessons
  • Lessons are broken down into sections and come with step-by-step instructions for a gradual, stress-free learning experience
  • Helps children as young as 2 years of age learn how to read
  • Digital version allows you to download and access the content right on your tech devices
  • Supported by over 38,000 happy parents and teachers and a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try it out risk-free

Disadvantage of the Program

If you were hoping to receive a physical package in the mail, you may be disappointed to learn that Children Learning Reading is entirely digital. However, this does come with a plethora of additional advantages that you wouldn’t receive from a physical hardcopy, such as immediate access, and the ability to use the program anytime, anywhere and right on the smartphone, tablet or computer. You also don’t have to worry about carrying around a bunch of guidebooks and games with the digital version, and you also save on shipping. Additionally, if you ever wanted a specific lesson on paper, you could always print it off at home to have your own personal hardcopy. Otherwise, everything is stored online or right on your tech devices.


Children Learning Reading is a powerful reading program that is changing the way children learn how to read by focusing on teaching them the sounds of the English language vs. the letter and word shapes. It’s quite comprehensive, with detailed lesson plans, activities and games for the different ‘levels’ of the learning process so parents and teachers can easily learn the process and help their little ones learn it too. The program comes with all of the materials needed, which includes worksheets, activities, games, lesson plans, and so much more. It’s used by over 38,000 happy parents and teachers, and is also backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try it out and see the results risk-free.  

Download Children Learning Reading PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the two different options? standard package and premium package?

The program has two options available – the standard package and the premium, with the latter having a $20 price difference. The main difference is that the premium package comes with videos from the author himself, that shows you how he used this program to teach his child how to read. However, it also comes with additional lessons and printouts.

The standard package provides you with everything you need in one guide, with no extra videos.

Am I able to get this program at a physical location, such as a bookstore?

As mentioned, Children Learning Reading is entirely digital, so you won’t be able to find it at a physical location, such as a bookstore. Instead, it is available strictly on the program’s official website and the material is all digital, which can be downloaded right onto your personal tech devices, such as your smartphone, tablet or computer for use anytime, anywhere.  However, you can also download and print off the materials as your own personal hardcopy.

How young can I get my child started with this program?

Most parents have found success using the program with children as young as 2 years of age. However, if you think your child is ready before then, you can certainly give it a shot. With the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Where can I find a discount?

The author has not released any form of discount for this program and if you do spot one online, be wary as it is likely a fake. If this were to change, it would be announced on their official website.


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