Volunteering in The Community Shop

The Community Shop relies on volunteers to staff the shop along with very few paid staff. Nearly 150 shop volunteers rotate schedules each week in shifts that work around their families and other commitments, finding a sense of “community” among their fellow volunteers. Volunteer positions in The Community Shop include cashiering, creating displays, rotating stock on shelves and restocking shelves, art and jewelry pricing, and sorting and pricing donations. Regular shifts are between 2-4 hours weekly.

The portrait of a volunteer in our shop is multifaceted. Some volunteers are retirees interested in giving back to their community, some are community members interested in meeting new people while working for an organization whose work they believe in, still others are high school students looking for community service hours – yet each with their service makes it possible for Pillars Community Health to provide medical, dental, and behavioral health services to thousands of residents of the near western Chicago suburbs each year.

We’re so grateful to those who give of their time and talent to make The Community Shop successful, raising money to support the work of Pillars Community Health.

To begin your journey as a volunteer at the Shop, call 708-745-5277 and ask for the Community Shop volunteer coordinator.