The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review: Is It Worth Getting?

The Truth About Six Pack Abs PDF

Health and fitness experts recommend using the 80/20 rule when it comes to reshaping your body and seeing results. This means that 80% of your efforts should be focused on your diet and only 20% on exercise.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is the ultimate program for learning the best way to eat and train to effectively shed stubborn belly fat and build the flat, firm stomach you’ve always wanted. It’s a comprehensive step-by-step program that provides you with fact-based strategies for getting the results you want using a practical approach that involves nutrition, healthy eating and exercise. It comes infused with expert knowledge and advice, meal plan samples, food lists, exercise plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and so much more.

Old School New Body Review: Safe for People Over 40? Is it Good?

Old School New Body PDF

As you get older, the two main factors that cause the body to change physically are a reduced metabolism and hormonal changes.

Old School New Body is an online fitness program designed for adults over 40 who want to get in shape but aren’t seeing results with their current regime. It’s a comprehensive program highly based on scientific and clinical studies that have found a specific set of workouts and nutrition that reverse the aging process on a cellular level. It comes with two written guides, exercise routines, fat burning methods, muscle-building techniques, sexual health tips, meal plan samples and so much more.