Dear Friends,

Community” is not just a part of our name, but also a true reflection of the spirit of our organization. Community happens when individuals think of “we” and not just “me”, and when we learn to appreciate and value differences among us. In a “community”, generosity prevails and our abilities and strengths are used to assist one another, to look out for one another, and to heal one another.


The spirit of community is what launched Community Nurse in 1921, and it has propelled Community Nurse Health Center to grow and change over the years in response to our local and national needs.  No one who needs our help is turned away.


I am so grateful for your past support. Because you have been there for us, we have been able to be there for our neighbors to provide the quality medical, dental, and behavioral health care that each of us deserve.


Today, we continue to grow and serve our community. In this past year we provided health care and support services to 4,800 local children and adults; launched an on-site pre-natal care program which helped over 80 women access quality prenatal services and deliver healthy babies; and with our vision partner, CURE Network, launched our first vision clinic where 107 children and adults had free eye exams and 87 received pairs of glasses.


Next year our goals are even bigger. In 2018 we will merge with our community partner, Pillars, to form a healthcare home for our patients, offering medical, dental, and behavioral health care as well as educational and social services for the residents in our communities. The staff and volunteers at both organizations are committed to connecting, healing, and helping our neighbors, families, and friends when they are most vulnerable, and together we will create a truly integrated, patient centered medical home for our neighbors in need.


I am writing to you today because we need your help to be able to continue to provide high quality and affordable healthcare services to the many children and adults in our community who are vulnerable and need a health care home.


The Panther Family is just one of many families that was impacted by Community Nurse last year. As patients since 2010, they know that at Community Nurse our patients are not just statistics or numbers, but respected members of our shared community. Community Nurse has been there since the Panthers were married – providing medical care for Maria Panther, her husband Cecil, and then their firstborn, Alexander. According to Cecil Panther, Community Nurse treated him and his wife with dignity and support throughout the pregnancy and new parent jitters, and through their younger two children’s early years as well. In April, as young Alex was getting ready to enter Kindergarten, he needed an eye exam. At our Vision Clinic in April it was discovered that Alex needed glasses and Community Nurse Health Center was there for him and his family– Alex was one of the 87 patients who received free prescription eyeglasses after a thorough eye exam provided by volunteer optometrists and optometry students, giving Alex what he needed to succeed as he began school. When you support our mission, you are lending a hand to children and adults in our community, giving them to opportunity to realize their full potential. An opportunity that otherwise can be out of their reach.


Your gift to Community Nurse will ensure that families like the Panthers will receive the high quality medical, dental, and behavioral health care that they depend on. Please give today to support the mission of Community Nurse.


Thank you for your decision to donate, and for your spirit of community. 





Angela Curran

President and Chief Executive Officer

Community Nurse Health Center