Community Nurse Health Center


Phone: 708-352-0081



23 Calendar Avenue 
La Grange, IL 60525


Medical  Center 

110 Calendar Avenue
La Grange, IL 60525


Dental Center

27 Calendar Avenue
La Grange, IL 60525


Leadership Team 

Ms. Angela Curran, CEO

Ms. Cathy Arhontas,  Director of Finance and Operations

Dr. Kisti Catalano, Medical Director

Ms. Linda Durkan, Senior Philanthropy Advisor

Mr. Phil Foust, Director of Human Resources

Ms. Pam Hanchar, Director of Nonclinical Operations

Dr. Nunya Irvine, Dental Director

Ms. Ellen Kunkle, Director of Grants and Government Relations

Ms. Antonia Rodriquez, Director of Health Center Operations

2016 Annual Summary

2016 Annual Summary
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Contact Info

Community Nurse Health Center
23 Calendar Ave.
LaGrange, IL 60525
(708) 352-0081
Community Nurse Health Center is a Health Center Program grantee under 42U.S.C.254b, and a deemed Public Health Service Employee under 42 USC233(g)-(n). Community Nurse Health Center is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois.