Dear Friend,

When you live or work in a community of attractive homes, good schools, and vibrant businesses, the “cover story” can make it appear as though all residents have their needs met. It’s too easy to forget that this is not the case for everyone. It was not the case for Maribeth and her sons. Please allow us to share her story.

“ I have been a volunteer at Community Nurse for over 3 years, but my connection with them is very personal, and goes back several years. In 1995, my 37 year-old husband died after a diagnosis of a very aggressive leukemia and a failed bone marrow transplant. I was now a widowed mother of 3 boys, all under the age of 9. Christopher, Daniel, and Kevin needed so much from me. Love and reassurance in the middle of my grief. Comfort and stability in an unpredictable world. And basic, quality health care as growing boys who deserved what every other child growing up in LaGrange deserved. If I continued coverage under my late husband’s insurance plan I’d be faced with a monthly payment of $700. I couldn’t afford such a big expense with limited income from an in-home child care service, so we went without insurance for several months.

I usually thought of myself as the mom who belonged to the local book club, or the mom who took turns hosting sleep-overs with the neighborhood kids. But now I desperately needed help. I heard about Community Nurse through a school nurse, and it wasn’t long before all of us were embraced, cared for, and comforted by the wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff at the medical and dental centers. Community Nurse’s Secret Santa volunteers gave us a Christmas that year, and there were gifts under the tree for everyone. Even me.”

Community Nurse has been an integral part of west suburban Cook County for nearly a century because of committed supporters, like you. Together, we have made it our mission to ensure that everyone’s basic health needs are met with dignity and quality services.

As we embark on our 96th year, Community Nurse is:

  • Expanding prenatal services so that more women can access quality care during the critical first trimester
  • Planning to open a vision clinic in 2017 for our underserved neighbors
  • Expanding critically needed psychiatric and behavioral health screening services

“At a time when I most needed complete, quality healthcare and a personal touch of compassion and reassurance, Community Nurse was there…because you were there. I realize now that the stories of over 4,500 children, families, and adults that are treated by Community Nurse each year are right here, among our neighbors, friends, and co-workers. They’re our stories. They’re my story. Together, we change those stories by lifting the overwhelming health burdens that often hold us back and push us down. Because of you, health and optimism prevail. Please make a year-end gift today so that more families like mine enjoy bright and healthy futures.”

Thank you so much for your gift, and wishing for you the gift of good health,

Angela Curran
President and Chief Executive Officer
Community Nurse Health Center

P.S. A happier ending for Maribeth and her sons:

“Because you stepped up to help us at a critical time, my 3 sons (one a local firefighter, 2 now serve in the military) enjoy fulfilling careers serving others. Thank you!”

Donation Levels

Because of you Maribeth’s family and many like hers, will not be burdened with overwhelming healthcare costs.

$50 Supports unreimbursed costs of a pregnant woman’s prenatal visit.
$100 Provides free flu vaccines to 4 patients experiencing homelessness.
$200 Supports the application of sealants on first permanent teeth of 5 children.
$500 Provides recommended diabetic check-ups for an uninsured adult patient for one year..
$1000 Supports the unreimbursed costs of providing comprehensive medical & dental care to a family of 4 for one year.
$2500 Provides a classroom of elementary school children with recommended medical & oral annual exams accompanied by behavioral health screenings.


LOBSTER BAKE 2017 ~ September 23, 2017

LOBSTER BAKE 2017 ~ September 23, 2017

Join us for a night of fun and friendship, and celebrate the work of Community Nurse with neighbors and friends. For more information, click logo (above) for the event page.

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